The CEO of E.On the UK Has Warned That 40% Of Customers Are Facing Fuel Poverty

One of the country’s largest energy companies has warned that up to 40% of its customers will be in fuel poverty by October, urging the government to intervene.

Michael Lewis, CEO of E.On the UK, claimed the surge in energy rates is “unprecedented,” and an increasing proportion of his customers are behind on their payments. Oil and gas companies are being targeted for a windfall tax, according to the government. Rishi Sunak will consider all options, according to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi.

“We will review everything,” he told the BBC, adding: “We’ve got £22bn in the next 12 months of help to those people who need it the most.”

Mr. Lewis, on the other hand, said that one out of every eight of his clients is already having trouble paying their bills, even before the weather gets colder and the new energy price ceiling takes effect in October when prices are projected to jump dramatically.

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