Technology to bridge healthcare accessibility gap in India: Rajesh Ranjan Singh, CEO, WISH Foundation

The healthcare infrastructure in India has seen a rapid ramping during the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is still a long way to go before making healthcare accessible to all. There are many communities that are still marginalized due to a lack of basic healthcare amenities, which happens to be something that was even observed during the Covid-pandemic.

Talking about the backdrop, Tarun Bhardwaj from spoke to WISH Foundation CEO, Rajesh Ranjan Singh on why despite of having a huge network of primary health centres, India’s majority population still struggles to access the basic healthcare facilities. In this interview, Rajesh Ranjan Singh has talked about the digital “wave” and ways of how to improve the ratio of doctors and patients in India, by which the burden on doctors and other assistant staff can be reduced. It also talks about India’s major imports of medical equipment and devices and how can we can be self-sufficient.

Watch the full interview here:

Considering the health tech wave that India witnessed during the last two years, Rajesh Ranjan Singh elaborated on the utilisation of digital healthcare by the WISH Foundation. Other than this, he also speaks about the rise that has been seen in the health start-ups and unicorns in India. The interview also touches on topics like how self-sufficient India is when it comes to medical devices, equipment and innovations in the health sector. It also highlights about Digital Mission and how it will enable India to achieve its goal of sustainable growth in Healthcare. Apart from this, the impact of WISH Foundation wellness has also been discussed in the interview. 

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