7 bosses share their advice for young people on taking time off

Americans are overworked, and it seems to be especially bad for young workers. By generation, Gen Z and millennial workers are “significantly more vacation deprived and burned out” than workers age 50-plus, according to Expedia’s latest Vacation Deprivation study of 14,500 working adults across 16 countries. Some would say the best time to travel is when you’re … Read more

How TikTok’s head of U.S. safety finds a way to log off social media

It’s not easy for Eric Han to get away from work or social media. Han, 35, is the head of U.S. safety at TikTok, which saw its user base skyrocket during lockdowns. Since 2020, the social media app has also received increasing scrutiny over how it handles the spread misinformation, disinformation and graphic content in … Read more

How to find a hidden spy camera in hotel rooms and rental homes

Nearly 60% of Americans said they were worried about hidden cameras in Airbnb homes in 2019. And 11% of vacation home renters said they had discovered a hidden camera during a stay, according to a survey by the real estate investment company IPX1031. Spy cameras are not a new problem. In South Korea, more than … Read more

This 29-year-old left the U.S. for Budapest. Now he makes $120,000 — and pays $800 a month for rent

In 2014, I had a life-changing wake-up call: I survived an opioid overdose that put me in the intensive care unit. Hitting rock bottom made me realize how lucky I am to be alive. I spent some time in my hometown, Memphis, to focus on my recovery and staying sober. Once I felt stable, I … Read more

Is it safe to travel if I’m vaccinated and recovered from Covid

Millions of people are now vaccinated, boosted and newly recovered from Covid-19 infections caused by the omicron variant. They have what some outside the medical community have labeled “super immunity.” And many are ready to see the world again. Though the term carries an air of invincibility, medical experts disagree about the level and length … Read more

Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Malaysia, Philippines reopen for travel

Another day — another border reopens.       In the past two weeks, a slew of countries announced plans to reopen or relax border restrictions. This includes places that have maintained some of the strictest pandemic-related border controls in the world.  The announcements come on the heels of a record-setting period of global infections. According to … Read more