Burning Cash, Ultrafast Grocery Delivery Ramps Up in India

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — A new TV commercial in India features white-clad mourners grieving at the funeral rites of a departed loved one. The object of their grief is a refrigerator. “”—or “What use is a refrigerator?”—ask matching full-page ads for the campaign touting instant grocery brand Dunzo, which offers delivery of fresh items in minutes. … Read more

Apple Plans 15-Inch MacBook Air for 2023 and New 12-Inch Laptop

Between 2003 and 2006, Apple also sold a 12-inch version of the PowerBook, the predecessor to the MacBook Pro. And it briefly offered a MacBook Air with an 11.6-inch screen. Apple’s new Mac processors, based on the same architecture as the iPhone and iPad, are designed to let the company boost performance inside of slimmer … Read more

People Keep Quitting Their Jobs Even as Recession Fears Mount

Since then, she’s had a reunion in Miami with friends from college, tended to a sick grandmother, helped her family fund a kitchen renovation, took some Tony Robbins leadership trainings, and has even been attending sessions across the country to learn more about pranic healing, all while plotting how to build her own business.