Euro zone predicted to have a deep recession and a difficult, slow recovery

The euro zone economy is heading towards a recession, according to several economists. Daniel Roland | Afp | Getty Images The euro zone is expected to plunge into recession in the coming months with economists warning “it will not be shallow.” The 19-member zone that shares the euro currency has been under significant pressure since … Read more

Missile strike Poland called ‘isolated incident’; allies ‘on standby’

Polish security forces investigate in Przewodow village near the Ukrainian border, where two Poles were killed by a suspected missile strike. Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images The president of Poland said his government doesn’t yet conclusively know who fired a missile that struck Polish territory late Tuesday, killing two civilians. The explosion, … Read more

Russia and US to Hold First Nuclear Talks Since Ukraine Invasion

Russia barred US inspectors from its nuclear weapons sites in August, citing visa and travel restrictions for Russians that it said made it impossible for them to reach the US. The two countries had suspended the on-site inspections in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and were discussing how to restart them safely. The … Read more

Russia’s Crude Shipments Hit Five-Month High Before Sanctions

Cargoes shipped from Russia rose to 3.6 million barrels a day, the highest since early June, while the less volatile four-week average was also up, reaching the most since August.The UK has followed the EU’s lead in banning its companies from providing insurance and other service to ships carrying Russian crude, unless the cargo is purchased at a price … Read more

Russia Orders Troops to Leave Ukrainian City of Kherson

“I understand that this is a very difficult decision,” Sergei Surovikin, the general in charge of Russian forces, told Shoigu in proposing the move. “At the same time, we will save the lives of our servicemen and, in general, the combat capability of the group of troops, which is futile to keep on the right … Read more

Oil is all that Putin has left, presidential advisor Amos Hochstein says

Amos Hochstein photographed in Beirut, Lebanon, on October 27, 2022. Hussam Shbaro | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Oil is all Russia’s economy has left following its invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, according to Amos Hochstein, special presidential coordinator for President Joe Biden. “Oil is the only thing they have left in that economy … Read more

If Musk Owning Twitter Is a Security Risk, What About Tesla?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Might Elon Musk be saved from the madness of his deal for Twitter Inc. by paranoia? Bloomberg News had a bombshell scoop Thursday night reporting that Biden administration officials, viewing Musk as a little too Russophilic, are weighing security reviews for his various ventures. Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, could be … Read more

Gunmen kill 11 at Russian army base in new blow to Moscow’s Ukraine campaign

Russian citizens drafted during the partial mobilization begin their military trainings after a military call-up for the Russia-Ukraine war in Rostov, Russia on October 04, 2022. Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Gunmen shot dead 11 people at a Russian military training ground, the defense ministry said, in the latest blow to President Vladimir Putin’s … Read more

Upcoming Russian nuclear exercises a challenge for the West

With Russia expected to soon carry out large-scale drills of its nuclear forces as President Vladimir Putin threatens to use them, the United States and its allies will be challenged to ensure they can spot the difference between exercises and the real thing. Russia typically holds major annual nuclear exercises around this time of year, … Read more