Fund Query: Are these SIPs good for retirement at 50 with ₹1-crore corpus?

I am 33 years old. I have just started the following SIPs (regular, growth plans) three months ago: ₹3,000 in Canara Robeco Small Cap, ₹2,000 in Axis BlueChip and ICICI Pru Debt & Equity, and ₹1,000 in Nippon India US Equity Opportunities. I plan to retire at 50 years and currently my net salary is … Read more

Warren Buffett Loves T-Bills. You Should Consider Them.

Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has $75 billion in Treasury bills. Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images Text size Warren Buffett parks most of Berkshire Hathaway’s cash in ultra-safe U.S. Treasury bills, and individual investors may want to consider following Buffett’s lead now that they are yielding as much as 3%. Treasury bills, … Read more

The Bear Market Has Brought ‘Fear and Uncertainty’ for Gen Z. How They’re Coping.

Ella Gupta made her first investment when she was 10. With the help of her parents, she took half the profits of her bracelet-making business and invested in the stock market. At 14, she opened a Roth IRA, after beginning her first job cleaning dental instruments. Now, at 17, Gupta is confronting her first bear … Read more

Senate Advances Bill to Raise Age for RMDs to 75

Text size Savers can wait longer to begin emptying retirement accounts under pending legislation. Eric Lee/Bloomberg The Senate Finance Committee advanced a bill on Wednesday that would raise the age for required minimum distributions from retirement accounts to 75, alongside other provisions designed to strengthen Americans’ retirement security. The Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act … Read more

Father’s Day: Gift your father a secured life in his golden days

A father is considered as the backbone of a family, who toils to earn money to meet financial requirements and fulfill the dreams of his family members by sacrificing even his own dreams many times. While mothers directly take care of the family members, fathers silently do their duties to ensure smooth functioning of households. … Read more

This idiot-proof portfolio has beaten traditional stocks and bonds over 50 years

Do you have the right portfolio for your retirement savings? When it comes to long-term investing, the biggest issue — by far — is overall asset allocation: How much to stocks, sectors, assets and so on. Picking individual securities within those asset classes — individual stocks or bonds, for example — usually turns out to … Read more

Buying the Dip Can Be a Retiree’s Best Friend. Here’s How Seniors Can Safely Shop.

Photo illustration by Barron’s Staff; (reference) Dreamstime (4) Text size It’s hard at any age to buy stocks when prices are falling, but for retirees it can be especially nerve-racking because their time frame for recovery is shorter if share values continue to fall. But buying a dip prudently can not only boost your returns … Read more

I’m 41, and my partner is 50. We have $800,000 in retirement savings and make $250,000. We want to retire ASAP but know our money won’t last. What can we do?

I love reading your responses to everyone’s retirement questions but realized that I haven’t seen one that matches up closely to what I’m hoping to do. I am 41, and my partner is 50. We are both employed and make around $250,000 a year. We’re in an expensive cost-of-living area and have no plans to … Read more

RMD Age Stands to Rise to 75 as House Passes Secure Act 2.0. Here’s What to Know.

Dreamstime Text size The second major piece of retirement legislation in little more than two years advanced in the House on Tuesday, putting required minimum distributions in line to rise to age 75 over the next decade and increasing the limits on catch-up contributions to retirement accounts for older Americans.  The House of Representatives passed … Read more