The Stock Market Is on a Tear. Don’t Ignore the Debt Ceiling.

Text size Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Congress that the U.S. would hit its debt ceiling this coming Thursday. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images It’s always fun until the bill comes due—and the bill always comes due. In fact, it’s coming due right about now. On Friday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Congress that the U.S. would … Read more

Workers in California and Washington State will get more pay transparency

Do you know how much your job is worth? Millions of Americans are finally getting the answer.  On Jan. 1, California and Washington state began requiring employers to include pay ranges with their job listings. The two states follow New York City and Colorado in implementing pay-transparency measures. As of Dec. 4, just 44% of … Read more

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Curbed Stock Sales When Shares Slipped

Nvidia stock tumbled in 2022, and as shares of the chip maker slid into the red early in the year, CEO Jensen Huang stopped selling. Nvidia stock (ticker: NVDA) lost half its market value in 2022. In mid-February, Nvidia reported a strong fiscal fourth quarter. “We are seeing exceptional demand for Nvidia computing platforms,” Huang … Read more

Trump’s Tax Law Echoed Through His Finances During White House Years

Politics Returns released by House show provisions of tax code that were used

Democrats release Trump’s tax returns, and CPAs have questions: ‘In order to generate these kinds of losses, you need to be super rich. It’s not a poor man’s game.’

The nonpartisan committee’s findings also raised several red flags related to the filings, namely Trump’s carryover losses, loans to his children that may or may not also be considered taxable gifts, and deduction-related tax write-offs.  That year, as the COVID pandemic hit, the Trumps reported a loss of $4.8 million. For 2018 and 2019, the … Read more

IRS Delays Gig-Tax Filing Rule for Side Hustles of More Than $600

IRS Delays Gig-Tax Filing Rule for Side Hustles of More Than $600

The Crypto Ice Age Is Here. It Could Get Even Worse.

For crypto investors, the only thing to celebrate about 2022 is that it is almost over. The industry is fighting for its life amid a cascade of scandals, bankruptcies, and fury in Washington over its freewheeling, if not fraudulent, ways. Bitcoin has lost 67%  since late 2021. The token market is down by $2 trillion … Read more

Albertsons’ $4 Billion Dividend Payout Remains Blocked

Albertsons’ $4 Billion Dividend Payout Remains Blocked

Oil Prices Could Rise After Latest EU Sanctions on Russia

The European Union’s ban on seaborne imports of Russian oil, along with the Group of Seven’s plan to cap prices of oil from Russia early next month won’t guarantee that prices for the commodity will see a lasting rally, or that supplies will tighten further in the days ahead. “In isolation, the sanctions on Russia … Read more

IRS releases new federal tax brackets and standard deductions. Here’s how they affect your family’s tax bill.

America’s high inflation rate will produce a 7% increase in the size of the standard deduction when workers file their taxes on their 2023 income, according to new inflation adjustments from the Internal Revenue Service. It’s also going to pump up tax brackets by 7% as well, according to the annual inflation adjustments the IRS … Read more