Deadly clashes in Beirut after protests against the port blast judge

Several people were killed in clashes in Beirut during last year’s devastating port explosion. The violence erupted during a protest organized by the militant group Hezbollah and its allies against the chief judge investigating the explosion. At least five people were killed and dozens injured in some of the largest fighting in years, authorities said. … Read more

EU diplomat Josep Borrell blames ‘mistrust’ for Lebanon’s political stalemate

The EU’s foreign policy chief has blamed the power struggle and mutual mistrust on Lebanon’s current political crisis. At the close of a weekend visit to Beirut, Josep Borrell told reporters that it would be “difficult to reach an agreement between people who do not trust each other.” On Saturday, Borrell, the EU’s high representative … Read more

French prosecutor’s office investigates the governor of Banque du Liban for alleged money laundering

The French national financial prosecutor’s office has confirmed that an early investigation into possible money laundering by the governor of Lebanon’s central bank is underway. Financiero Nacional Parquet said on Monday that it had opened the investigation into Riad Salameh, the current director of the Banque du Liban, in late May. Possible charges include money … Read more