Oil: Oil falls after increases in US crude and fuel reserves

TOKYO: Prices fell on Wednesday after industry data showed crude oil arsenals went up more than expected and the fuel inventories it rose unexpectedly last week in the United States, the world’s largest oil consumer. Brent oil futures fell 25 cents, or 0.3%, to $ 86.15 a barrel after closing Tuesday at its highest in … Read more

Opinion: Market Fears of Highest Inflation in More Than 20 Years: What Should Retirees Do?

Financial professionals generally advise people who are retired, or nearing retirement, to keep a large portion of their savings in bonds. That mainly includes US Treasuries, state and local municipal bonds, and corporate notes issued by blue-chip companies with strong balance sheets. Such bonds issue regular fixed payments, rather than the more uncertain returns you … Read more

Oil: Oil prices rise to highest level in years as COVID recovery and power generators fuel demand

SINGAPORE: Prices hit their highest level in years on Monday demand It continues its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, fueled by an increased habit of power generators shifting away from expensive gas and coal to fuel oil and diesel. Brent crude oil futures rose 87 cents, or 1%, to $ 85.73 a barrel at 0111 … Read more

Oil: Oil has longest streak of weekly gains since 2015 amid reduced supply

posted the longest stretch of weekly gains since 2015 as OPEC + producers only supply the market modestly and the supply of US crude shrinks. Crude futures rose 1.5% on Friday in New York for the ninth consecutive week. President Joe biden said Thursday night that Americans should expect a high gasoline prices to continue … Read more

Oil: Oil rises with tight U.S. supply even as the coal and gas crisis subsides

MELBOURNE – Prices resumed their rally on Friday due to continued US supply stress, but headed for a flat end to the week as Coal and gas prices it eased and slowed the fuel switch that had fueled the demand for petroleum products for energy. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures rose 20 cents, or … Read more

Oil: Oil Expands Gains As Shrinking US Crude Inventory Hints At Strong Demand

TOKYO: Prices rose on Thursday to extend the gains of the previous session, as US crude and fuel. inventories declined further, with gasoline supplies hitting a two-year low, pointing to a strong demand. Brent crude futures rose 17 cents, or 0.2%, to $ 85.99 a barrel at 0040 GMT, after rising 0.9% the day before. … Read more

oil: oil falls on China’s intervention to ease the coal crisis

MELBOURNE: Oil prices rejected after the Chinese government He noted that he was looking for ways to control record high coal prices and that he would ensure that coal mines were operating at full capacity as Beijing moved to alleviate energy shortages. Chinese coal prices and others raw material prices collapsed in the first operations, … Read more

Oil: Oil prices fall due to slower growth in China, US production fuels demand concerns

TOKYO: Prices fell on Tuesday, with Brent falling for the second day in a row, after Chinese data showed an economic slowdown increase and US factory output fell in September, raising new concerns about demand amid a spotty recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Brent crude It fell 43 cents, or 0.5%, to $ 83.90 a … Read more

The price of gold rises for fear of global inflation; expect rates to move side-up this week

Bullion prices traded higher during the previous week thanks to safe-haven buying due to concerns about global inflation and a weaker dollar. (Image: REUTERS) By Tapan Patel Commodity prices were higher and most non-farm commodities rebounded during the week on the back of a weaker dollar. Bullion prices traded higher on inflation concerns, while crude … Read more

Oil: Oil falls for fear that inflation will affect growth in fuel demand

MELBOURNE: Prices fell on Wednesday, after a mixed ending to the previous session, amid concerns that coal and natural gas prices in China, India and Europe would skyrocket. inflation and slow global increase, reducing the demand for oil. A strong America , trading near a one-year high, also affected oil prices, since it makes oil … Read more