Editorial: Lessons from FTX crash

The collapse of FTX exchange, the second largest crypto trading platform globally, serves as a timely wake-up call to regulators in India. FTX’s fall highlights the risks from allowing private crypto trading platforms to function without any regulatory supervision; it highlights the vulnerability of investors and spotlights how such unregulated platforms can jeopardise the credibility … Read more

Tumbling Markets Imperil Tech, the Dollar, and Private Equity

Text size Japan has had to intervene to support the sliding yen for the first time since 1998, even as it tries to keep its interest rates low. Akio Kon/Bloomberg The world has been hooked on cheap money for years. Now we’re witnessing what withdrawal looks like. Lifting interest rates from nil has produced a … Read more

The ‘Fed Put’ Has Finally Expired. What Investors Should Do Now.

Jerome Powell’s recent news conference lingers like a traumatic Zen koan. The Fed chairman said one thing, but what if it means something else and even he doesn’t realize it? Powell affably told the reporters who follow him around that the Federal Reserve isn’t actively considering an interest-rate hike of three-quarters of a percentage point. … Read more

Oil Prices Are Soaring. It’s Time to Hedge or Sell.

At the top of Americans’ concerns is rising inflation, especially soaring prices for energy, filling their gasoline tanks, or paying their monthly utility bills. And investors and traders have ridden the roller-coaster rise in prices, sending futures and energy-related stocks and exchange-traded funds skyward, especially after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That means it’s time to … Read more