UK and EU remain ‘very far apart’ in Northern Ireland trade – POLITICAL

High-level talks are set to resume next week between the European Union and the United Kingdom on the rules governing trade in Northern Ireland, but the two sides remain “very far apart on the big issues,” a UK source said on Saturday. British government. While insisting that the UK government wants a quick fix on … Read more

John Redwood: The EU has become the biggest threat to the UK Union. Lord Frost must act swiftly to protect his integrity.

Sir John Redwood is an MP from Wokingham and a former Secretary of State for Wales. The Government is strongly in favor of the UK Union. So is the Official Opposition. Scotland held a referendum and voted to remain in the Union. At the time, all parties agreed that it would be a vote for … Read more

Henry Hill: The SNP’s New Policy of ‘Are You Dead Already?’ shows that time is not really on your side

The SNP’s New Plan: Wait For Unionist Voters To Die? Just a few years ago, the Scottish independence movement was, despite its many flaws, optimistic. This, in turn, engendered among its best elements a confidence, perhaps even a generosity of spirit, embodied by the phrase “are you there?” No more. The Prime Minister who took … Read more

Removing the highest court in Europe from the Brexit protocol is ‘an impossibility’ – POLITICO

Turning the European Court of Justice into a Brexit “bogeyman” threatens Northern Ireland’s place in the EU’s single market for goods, and removing it from the protocol treaty is “an impossibility”, according to leading figures of the EU. European Commissioner for Financial Services Mairead McGuinness and EU Ambassador to the UK João Vale de Almeida … Read more

Doctors accuse Sajid Javid of being ‘frit’ after he canceled GP conference speech

CLaudia Webbe, a former Labor MP, has been warned that she faces a possible prison sentence after being found guilty of harassment for a series of threatening phone calls she made to an ex-girlfriend of her partner. Webbe, who now sits as a freelancer for Leicester East, was found guilty of the charge after a … Read more

EU people happy and bright as Maros Sefcovic refuses to sing the blues

It was Mood Indigo, or maybe Song Sung Blue as Maros Sefcovic He strode into the cavernous EU press conference room. Resplendent in a riot of blue – sky blue tie and navy blue jacket on a bell blue background – the Vice President of the European Commission intervened, brimming with personal importance to deliver … Read more

EU promises ‘creative’ solutions to settle Northern Ireland’s trade dispute with the UK – POLITICO

Brussels on Wednesday promised a major reduction in post-Brexit controls on goods moving between Britain and Northern Ireland, but rejected UK demands to negotiate a “new” protocol. One day after UK Brexit Minister David Frost rhetoric increased In a dispute between the EU and the UK over trade friction, warning that failure to renegotiate the … Read more

Brexit Live: Irish Deputy Prime Minister Suggests UK Negotiated “In Bad Faith” Following Cummings NI Protocol Claims | Politics

Hello. For the past four years, policy in the UK in the approach to Christmas has been dominated by a Brexit crisis that involved a negotiation with the EU. In 2017, it was a question of whether the withdrawal talks had made “enough progress” to move to phase two. In 2018 it was about the … Read more

Leo Varadkar warns world leaders not to make deals with the UK until they are sure ministers ‘will deliver on their promises’

Leo Varadkar has warned world leaders not to reach any agreement with the UK government until they are sure ministers will “keep their promises”, after Lord Frost issued new demands to resolve tensions over the Protocol of North Ireland. The Brexit minister yesterday formally requested the end of the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice … Read more

Dominic Cummings says the government never intended to stick to the Brexit deal it signed

Dominic Cummings says the government never intended to stick to the Brexit deal it signed and would ‘undo parts we didn’t like’ after ‘hitting Corbyn’ Dominic Cummings claims he planned to ‘get rid of the parts we didn’t like’ in the Brexit deal Former aide to the prime minister ‘prioritized hitting Corbyn’ before making the … Read more