TikTok-based HR conversations are coming for Gen Z workers

Wagnerokasaki | Istock | Getty Images The start of the new year hasn’t alleviated any of the issues that plagued human resources professionals throughout 2022. Challenges surrounding quiet quitting, overall unhappiness, lower productivity, burnout, discontent with compensation, and layoff fears abound. But among the potential solutions that might offer some relief: TikTok. Over the past … Read more

The stock-market rally survived a confusing week. Here’s what comes next.

Despite a Friday stumble, stocks ended a turbulent week with another round of solid gains, keeping 2023’s young but robust stock-market rally very much alive. But a cloud of confusion also sets over the market, and it will eventually need to be resolved, strategists said. Stocks rose early in the week as traders continued to … Read more

Despite Google, Amazon, Microsoft layoffs, it’s a good time to get a job

Whether by choice or necessity, many workers will change jobs in the months ahead. Some companies, particularly tech giants, have been announcing deep cuts to their workforces as they face ongoing challenges due to rising interest rates and inflation. Most recently, Google said that it will lay off 12,000 people, Amazon announced a fresh wave of job … Read more

Twitter’s laid-off workers cannot pursue claims via class-action lawsuit: judge

People walk past the Twitter offices in New York City on January 12, 2023. Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images Twitter Inc has secured a ruling allowing the social media company to force several laid-off workers suing over their termination to pursue their claims via individual arbitration than a class-action lawsuit. U.S. District Judge … Read more

Want higher pay? Your chances may be better now than in six months

vitapix | E+ | Getty Images New government jobs data shows the U.S. labor market is still strong, with a record low unemployment rate of 3.5%. “The unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years,” President Joe Biden said on Friday. “We have just finished the two strongest years of job growth in history.” Yet as … Read more

Here’s how to know if your company’s layoff policy is a ‘good’ one

Andreypopov | Istock | Getty Images Layoffs this year have been mostly limited to the hardest-hit sectors of the economy, especially tech. But depending on your industry, you might find yourself face-to-face with a layoff if the economy slows more drastically in 2023, and it’s not always clear what you should expect from a soon-to-be-former … Read more

From quiet quitting to loud layoffs, will 2022 career trends continue?

Chandra Sahu, 25, left a job in investment banking during the so-called Great Resignation last year, eager to find work that offered more flexibility. The New York City resident said she looked for work that fulfilled her “top priorities,” allowing her to demonstrate her “agency and creativity,” and landed at a startup. “I wanted to … Read more

Fear of layoffs and not finding a new job

Filadendron | E+ | Getty Images For the majority of workers, even in a slowing economy with recession headlines published on a daily basis and stocks in a bear market, layoffs remain in the abstract. Fifty-nine percent of American workers are not concerned they or someone in their household will lose a job in the … Read more

Not just Twitter. LinkedIn has fake account problem it’s trying to fix

Anyone who depends on LinkedIn to search for jobs, find business partners or other opportunities is probably aware that the business social media site has had issues with fake profiles. While that is no different than other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, it presents a different set of problems for users who look … Read more

Tech layoffs in Southeast Asia grow as unprofitable startups extend runways

Shopee reportedly conducted three rounds of layoffs this year as its parent Sea Limited struggles towards profitability. Lauryn Ishak | Bloomberg | Getty Images More tech startups in Southeast Asia laid off workers this year, as macro headwinds widened losses and venture capitalists pushed startups to extend their runways. Last week, online marketplace Carousell announced … Read more