The UK and EU are still ‘far apart’ in Northern Ireland’s trade – POLITICO

High-level talks will resume next week between the European Union and the United Kingdom about policies governing trade in Northern Ireland but the two sides will remain “far from major issues,” the statement said. a British government source on Saturday. While insisting that the UK government wants a speedy solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol, … Read more

UK and EU remain ‘very far apart’ in Northern Ireland trade – POLITICAL

High-level talks are set to resume next week between the European Union and the United Kingdom on the rules governing trade in Northern Ireland, but the two sides remain “very far apart on the big issues,” a UK source said on Saturday. British government. While insisting that the UK government wants a quick fix on … Read more

France and Ireland take steps to make contraception free for young women – POLITICO

French lawmakers agreed early Saturday morning that contraception be free for women between the ages of 18 and 25. The Assemblée Nationale added a measure that covers the cost of birth control for young women to the Social security budget 2022. The budget will be formally voted on Tuesday and needs Senate approval before the … Read more

EU fears losing geopolitical clout as vaccine donations lag – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Senior officials warn that the EU will fall short of their promised coronavirus vaccine donations to poorer countries, risking the spread of new deadly variations and the loss of geopolitical clout. Driven by the recognition that the coronavirus pandemic can only be defeated if all countries gain access … Read more

Ireland’s Facebook decision sparks controversy over GDPR limits – POLITICO

EU officials are preparing for a fight over how much companies should be free to process personal data after a decision targeting Facebook from Ireland’s privacy regulator prompted to push from campaigners. Data Protection Commission (DPC) of Ireland said last week it plans to fine Facebook between € 28 million and € 36 million for … Read more

The EU will seek sanctions against the Belarusian airline for the arrival of migrants – POLITICO

EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Monday will call for new sanctions on Belarus, amid concerns that EU-registered companies are leasing planes from the country’s national airline, Belavia. Ireland is the EU’s hub for aircraft leasing, and Irish companies manage more than half of the world’s leased aircraft. Some Irish companies continue to charter … Read more

Removing the highest court in Europe from the Brexit protocol is ‘an impossibility’ – POLITICO

Turning the European Court of Justice into a Brexit “bogeyman” threatens Northern Ireland’s place in the EU’s single market for goods, and removing it from the protocol treaty is “an impossibility”, according to leading figures of the EU. European Commissioner for Financial Services Mairead McGuinness and EU Ambassador to the UK João Vale de Almeida … Read more

EU promises ‘creative’ solutions to settle Northern Ireland’s trade dispute with the UK – POLITICO

Brussels on Wednesday promised a major reduction in post-Brexit controls on goods moving between Britain and Northern Ireland, but rejected UK demands to negotiate a “new” protocol. One day after UK Brexit Minister David Frost rhetoric increased In a dispute between the EU and the UK over trade friction, warning that failure to renegotiate the … Read more

Brexit Live: Irish Deputy Prime Minister Suggests UK Negotiated “In Bad Faith” Following Cummings NI Protocol Claims | Politics

Hello. For the past four years, policy in the UK in the approach to Christmas has been dominated by a Brexit crisis that involved a negotiation with the EU. In 2017, it was a question of whether the withdrawal talks had made “enough progress” to move to phase two. In 2018 it was about the … Read more

Daniel Hannan: Lord Frost’s speech yesterday exposed the astonishing petulance of British Euro-fans

Lord Hannan of Kingsclere is a conservative colleague, writer and columnist. He was a Conservative MEP from 1999 to 2020 and is now Chairman of the Free Trade Initiative. “Well, you signed it!” That, practically, is the entire case against the Government by the Northern Ireland Protocol. Ministers and officials continue to patiently propose ways … Read more