Apple Makes Plans to Move Production Out of China

In recent weeks, Apple Inc. has accelerated plans to shift some of its production outside China, long the dominant country in the supply chain that built the world’s most valuable company, say people involved in the discussions. It is telling suppliers to plan more actively for assembling Apple products elsewhere in Asia, particularly India and … Read more

Alphabet and Pfizer Stock Look Like Buys, Says This Longtime Market Maven

Joe Rosenberg’s relationship with Barron’s goes back to 1963, when he wrote a bullish article on Trans World Airlines that resulted in a pop in the stock. Rosenberg, 89, spent much of his career at Loews (L), the conglomerate run by the Tisch family, as chief investment officer and then chief investment strategist. He retired … Read more

Alibaba and Stocks Are Rising. Don’t Thank Singles Day Sales Results.

Alibaba and stocks were rising on Monday, but the price action didn’t seem to be driven by sales results from the closely-watched annual Singles Day event. Alibaba (ticker: BABA) was up 2.5% in U.S. premarket trading, with shares in e-commerce peer (JD) gaining 3.5%, beating out futures tracking both the S&P 500 index … Read more

Apple or Amazon Could Buy These Two Pandemic Stock Darlings

The pandemic created perfect growth conditions for a variety of companies. Some simply added a lot of customers that would have eventually found their product anyway. That’s what happened with the Disney+ streaming service for example. People being stuck at home led to meteoric growth, but Walt Disney probably would have eventually captured those customers. … Read more

Personal stories of how City workers overcame trauma, depression and addiction

One of the most common issues related to mental health is the stigma and consequent discrimination that follows, according to the World Health Organisation. “Personal shame, internalised through an individual’s mental health suffering, is a silent problem,” WHO said in its 10 October statement accompanying its report.

Oil Prices Are Falling Back With Demand Concerns Center Stage

Oil prices dropped Tuesday with worries about future demand stoked by ramped up Covid restrictions in China and the continued strength of the dollar.  Brent crude, the international standard, was down 2.3% to $93.96 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark, fell 2.5% to $88.85 a barrel.  

3 rules to follow for a successful open relationship from therapist

Open relationships among celebrities — Shailene Woodley, Angelina Jolie, and, perhaps most notably, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — have been conversation fodder for years. The dynamic is often dismissed as a Hollywood arrangement that can only be maintained by iron-clad NDAs. In recent years, though, non-monogamy has become increasingly mainstream. About one in four … Read more

Struggling with long Covid? Here’s what you should and should not eat

Fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations and breathing difficulties.  Those are just some of the common symptoms of “long Covid” that can affect people in the long term after recovery from infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  However, according to Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Covid Activity Rehabilitation Program, symptoms are … Read more

India must protect its hard-won freedoms

The world’s largest democracy is soon to become the most populous country on earth. Therefore, the celebration of 75 years of Independence brings a special responsibility to set global standards in the protection and the promotion of individual and collective freedoms. While every Indian will proudly salute the flag as it flies high, the Tricolour … Read more