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The recommendation of the Company Law Committee regarding issuance, holding and transfer of fractional shares is novel and can help in increasing investor participation in equity markets. But the idea could run into implementation difficulties. Fractional shares are parts of one share unit and these are typically created as a result of corporate actions such … Read more

SEBI, MCA officials crucial meeting soon to discuss share, buyback, fractional shares and SPAC regulations

Ministry of Corporate Affairs released a new company law committee report on April 13th which was chaired by Ministry of Corporate Affairs secretary Rajesh Verma. In this report, several recommendations are given by committee members which can be implemented with the consultation of SEBI

Dream of holding fraction of highly-priced stocks may become reality soon

Investors’ dream of holding a fraction of highly-priced stocks such as MRF, Honeywell Automation and Page Industries will soon come true. The Company Law Committee formed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recommended various measures, including the issuance of fractional shares, Restricted Stock Units and Stock Appreciation Rights, besides allowing companies to hold a … Read more