Ethereum’s massive software upgrade just went live — here’s what it does

Ethereum’s biggest-ever upgrade just took effect, in what industry experts are calling a game changer for the entire crypto sector. Thus far, all signs suggest the so-called merge — which is designed to cut the cryptocurrency’s energy consumption by more than 99% — was a success. The very first proof-of-stake block of transactions has finalized … Read more

Investment pros name 2 stocks to play record-high coal prices

Coal prices are at record highs amid a looming global energy crisis, and market watchers believe prices still have further to go. The clean energy transition was expected to herald the demise of coal — the most pollutive of all fossil fuels. Instead, the price of thermal coal used for power generation has surged nearly … Read more

ETFs that are beating the energy market

One niche area of the commodity market — uranium — has been a bright spot over the past month, with its performance outpacing even that of the broader energy sector. Uranium, used as fuel in nuclear power plants, is in the spotlight as countries scramble to wean themselves off Russian energy following the Ukraine war. … Read more

As Elon Musk backs fossil fuels, one strategist sends warning over EV sales

The uptake of electric vehicles has increased in recent years, as countries around the world attempt to reduce the environmental effects of transportation. Simonskafar | E+ | Getty Images Recent comments from Elon Musk about the need for more oil and gas reflect a broader concern that the uptake of electric vehicles will be hampered … Read more

California and the West broil in record heat wave

Residents on the American River at Discovery Park during a heatwave in Sacramento, California, US, on Sunday, Sept. 4, 2022. A record-setting heat wave made life miserable in much of the West on Tuesday, with California stretching into its second week of excessive heat that taxed the state’s power supply and threatened power shortages that … Read more

Ukraine nuclear plant loses power line, Moscow makes Europe sweat over gas

U.N. vehicles transporting members of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspection mission on a road outside Zaporizhzhia city in southern Ukraine on Sept. 1, 2022. Genya Savilov | Afp | Getty Images A nuclear power plant on the front line of the Ukraine war again lost external power, U.N. inspectors said on Saturday, fuelling fears … Read more

Europe ‘ready to react’ to halted Russian gas supplies, official says

The European Union is “ready to react” to Russia’s decision to halt gas supplies to the bloc, a top EU official told CNBC on Saturday. Russia’s state-owned energy giant Gazprom on Friday announced an indefinite halt to gas flows to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, citing the need for additional repairs. The … Read more

EU urges China and India to support a price cap on Russian oil

BALI, Indonesia — The European Union on Saturday urged China and India to join the G-7 initiative to apply a cap on Russian oil prices, saying it is unfair for countries to pay excess revenues to Moscow amid the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. The G-7 nations announced Friday that they agreed on a plan to … Read more

An Iran nuclear deal revival could dramatically alter oil prices

A gas flare on an oil production platform is seen alongside an Iranian flag in the Gulf. Raheb Homavandi | Reuters The return of the Iran nuclear deal could be imminent — and with it, the return of a lot of oil to international crude markets.  Before the U.S. resumed sanctions on Iran after former … Read more

Russia Confounds the West by Recapturing Its Oil Riches

Moscow is raking in more revenue than ever with the help of new buyers, new traders and the world’s seemingly insatiable demand for crude Oil storage tanks at the RN-Tuapsinsky refinery in 2020 operated by Rosneft Oil Co., in Tuapse, Russia. Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg News