Want to Know Where Crypto Is Headed? Remember 2008

(Bloomberg Opinion) — History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Although the repercussions of the carnage in crypto markets won’t be as broad or dire as those of the 2008 financial crisis, the parallels between the two episodes offer insights into what went wrong, and what’s likely to come.

If Musk Owning Twitter Is a Security Risk, What About Tesla?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Might Elon Musk be saved from the madness of his deal for Twitter Inc. by paranoia? Bloomberg News had a bombshell scoop Thursday night reporting that Biden administration officials, viewing Musk as a little too Russophilic, are weighing security reviews for his various ventures. Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, could be … Read more

Junk Bond Market Is Signaling the US Will Avoid a Recession

Between December 1996 and December 2021, there were 28 months when the economy was in recession, according to an analysis by Martin Fridson, chief investment officer at Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors. The median junk-bond spread during those months was about 835 basis points, or 8.35 percentage points, based on ICE BofA indexes. That spread is … Read more

What A Bear Market And Strong Dollar Mean For Car Collectors

(Bloomberg) — In the past two weeks, Peter Brotman found himself evaluating two multimillion-dollar car collections offered for private sale. Each collection—one with more than a dozen significant Porsches, the other featuring a cache of heavy hitter Ferraris—represents a massive potential transaction on an ultra-rare group of cars that were so undercover that until recently, even … Read more

Brexit Has the UK Traveling the Wrong Way in Time

(Bloomberg Opinion) — The idea of time travel is an old British preoccupation, from H.G. Wells’s 1895 novel to the seemingly immortal television series “Doctor Who,” which first aired in 1963, the year before I was born. Although I didn’t travel by Tardis or encounter any murderous Daleks, returning to my native land last month … Read more

The Oil Price Shock Will Reverberate Into Next Year

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Wall Street may be abuzz with talk of recession next year, but it’s a different story in the energy market. Most traders, policy makers and analysts see oil demand growing through 2023 and supply struggling to keep pace. In private, Western officials worry Brent crude will reach $150 a barrel soon from about $120 now. Some fear it … Read more

If a U.S. Astronaut Gets Stranded, the Rescue Will Be Private Sector

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Russia insists that it’s going to bring the U.S. astronaut home. The rest is just warmongering rumor. Mark Vande Hei, who’s about to break the American record for longest time in orbit, will depart the International Space Station as scheduled on aboard a Soyuz spacecraft on March 30 and land in Kazakhstan, … Read more

Does a Mild Case of Covid Really Damage Your Brain?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Scary headlines about the long-term effects of Covid gain traction easily. Recent news reports have warned that “even mild Covid can cause brain shrinkage,” “memory loss” and “long term” “brain damage” that “greatly” changes the brain “as much as a decade of aging.” Over time, that fear is likely to wear no … Read more