Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, Accenture exec says

Pritesh Gadhia, managing director at Accenture Song UK and Ireland, shares his career-defining lightbulb moment with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.” It can be hard to ask for help at work. For some, it can come along with feelings of shame, guilt or failure.  “It often takes a lot of courage to ask for help,” said … Read more

Here’s why A.I. chatbots might have more empathy than your manager

On a Sunday afternoon, I was going through chat transcripts produced by our chatbot, which sits on our company’s website, greeting visitors and answering their questions. One transcript caught my eye and made me laugh. Juji (the chatbot): What is the top pain point or challenge in your line of work or personal life? User A: Are … Read more

‘4 businesses you can start for $99 or less’

In 2014, I graduated college with a tidal wave of medical school rejections. In search of a new career plan, I spent the next few years making money however I could — modeling, tutoring, and even working as a real estate agent. But in 2018, I began posting personal finance videos on YouTube. It wasn’t … Read more

The metaverse is replacing the office. Meet the gamified workforce of the future

For decades, gaming has been an influential part of our culture, creativity, and connection. Some of today’s most forward-looking leaders grew up in packed mall arcades, dreamt of being stuck in a film like Tron , and faced off around the family computer or console of choice, from the Atari 2600 to Xbox, and everything … Read more

I talked to 70 parents of highly successful adults—here are 4 phrases they never said to their kids

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kid grew up to become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs, in my view, are not just founders of for-profit businesses. They are resilient, hard-working people who start something, who come up with ideas and bring them to life, and who turn passion into projects.  As research for my book, “Raising an Entrepreneur,” I interviewed 70 parents … Read more

CEO who developed Tesla of electric scooters shares innovation tips

Horace Luke isn’t a fan of the word “no.” “If I ask the first time [whether] I can do something and it’s a ‘no,’ I’ll find another guy to ask. If the second guy says no, then I’m going to do it,” the entrepreneur said.  “I’m just going to do it myself because I really … Read more

These are America’s 10 best states for workers

If you are a good worker with marketable skills, you have never been as much in demand as you are right now. With 5 million more job openings in the U.S. than there are workers to fill them, companies are desperately seeking talent. And increasingly, they are willing to go where the workers are. “Workforce … Read more

Millennial and Gen Z’s days of remote working could be numbered

Millennials and Gen Z, it may be time to reacquaint yourself with office attire and the daily commute: Your days of remote working could be numbered, according to one future of work author. As the workforce adapts to a “post-pandemic” landscape, it could be in the interests of both employers and employees to return to … Read more

How TikTok’s head of U.S. safety finds a way to log off social media

It’s not easy for Eric Han to get away from work or social media. Han, 35, is the head of U.S. safety at TikTok, which saw its user base skyrocket during lockdowns. Since 2020, the social media app has also received increasing scrutiny over how it handles the spread misinformation, disinformation and graphic content in … Read more

Soft language in DEI may actually make it more difficult to achieve hard results

Soft language in DEI may actually make it more difficult to achieve hard results | Fortune You need to enable JavaScript to view this site.