Lebanese Urge End “Campaign” Against Beirut Blasting Judge | News of the Beirut explosion

Human rights groups, lawyers and journalists ask the media to inform themselves “honestly” about the deadly investigation of the Beirut port explosion. Beirut, Lebanon – Rights groups, lawyers and journalists condemned the authorities for obstructing the investigation into the Beirut explosion by “undermining the facts,” accusing officials on Tuesday of leaking misinformation and intervening in … Read more

Deadly clashes in Beirut after protests against the port blast judge

Several people were killed in clashes in Beirut during last year’s devastating port explosion. The violence erupted during a protest organized by the militant group Hezbollah and its allies against the chief judge investigating the explosion. At least five people were killed and dozens injured in some of the largest fighting in years, authorities said. … Read more

Lebanon after the Beirut explosion: one nation stagnant at one point | Beirut explosion

It was a nice quiet afternoon in August. She had just taught a workshop for Lebanese journalists on the rise of hate speech in the Lebanese media and was enjoying summer drinks with three friends at the Commodore hotel in Hamra, in the heart of the Lebanese capital. At around 6pm, we received a message … Read more

Judge Bitar to Resume Investigation of Beirut Explosion | News of the Beirut explosion

An appeals court rejected a request by former ministers to remove Judge Bitar from the investigation. Beirut, Lebanon – The Beirut Court of Appeals has rejected requests to remove Judge Tarek Bitar from the Beirut port explosion investigation, which were submitted by former ministers accused in the investigation. The investigation into the port explosion that … Read more

Survivors of the Beirut explosion protest against the suspension of the investigation | News of the Beirut explosion

Beirut, Lebanon – The families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion protest against the suspension of the investigation into the devastating explosion, saying that the investigation is the “last chance for accountability” in Lebanon. Some 300 protesters gathered at the Beirut Courthouse on Wednesday to convict senior political officials for trying to remove … Read more

Beirut Blast Probe Suspended Following Request for Judge Removal | News of the Beirut explosion

The Lebanese political leadership accused Judge Tarek Bitar of bias after indicting senior officials. Beirut, Lebanon – The devastating investigation into the Beirut port explosion was called off after accused Former Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk formally notified the investigator of the dismissal of the case against him. Under Lebanese law, Judge Tarek Bitar was forced … Read more

Lebanese Judge Seeks Arrest of Former Minister Accused of Beirut Explosion | News of the Beirut explosion

Judge issues arrest warrant after former Minister of Public Works Youssef Fenianos did not appear for questioning. The chief judge who investigated the massive explosion at Lebanon’s port last year issued an arrest warrant for a former government minister who did not appear for questioning, state media reported. Youssef Fenianos, a former Minister of Public … Read more

Survivors and NGOs call for an international investigation into the Beirut explosion | News of the Beirut explosion

Calls for a UN-led international investigation are multiplying as a Lebanese investigation fails to account. Human rights groups, survivors and family members of the victims of the Lebanon’s port explosion are urging the United Nations to support an international, independent and impartial investigation, avoiding a local investigation that has not yet yielded significant arrests or … Read more

Stuck in crisis, Lebanon marks one year since the Beirut explosion | News of the Beirut explosion

Hundreds of Lebanese have marched in Beirut to mark a year since a catastrophic explosion at the port devastated the capital, protesting impunity after the country’s worst peacetime disaster at a time when its economy is already in tatters. Banks, businesses and government offices closed Wednesday as Lebanon marked a national day of mourning. The … Read more