This Is What Life’s Like in the World’s Strictest Covid Zero City

Seven times since last March, Ruili—on China’s Myanmar border—has felt the full force of Xi Jinping’s Covid Zero policy.

It’s Every Nation for Itself as Dollar Batters Global Currencies

For starters, China is now the biggest trading partner of the US, Japan and countries across Europe. An agreement without Beijing’s participation would likely be an ineffective deal and while the yuan is under pressure versus the dollar and the government there is leaning against weakness with its fixings, it’s far from distressed levels that … Read more

Controversial US Visa Draws Rich From China to India After Reset

(Bloomberg) — A US visa program that attracted $37 billion in foreign investments since 2008 for projects including New York’s Hudson Yards and Trump Bay Street in Jersey City is making a comeback — and the queue of wealthy applicants from China to India is growing. The revived EB-5 program is poised to fund undertakings from a golf resort in … Read more

Turkey Seeks to Be First NATO Member to Join China-Led SCO

“What Ankara is doing is not pursuing alternatives to the West, but establishing balanced relations with all over the world,” Cagri Erhan, a professor of international relations who is also a member of the Turkish president’s security advisory board, said on Twitter. “It also aims to help the West to see more clearly who its … Read more

China’s Chengdu Lifts Lockdown of Whole City From Monday

The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is the biggest city to have shut since Shanghai’s bruising two-month lockdown earlier this year. The lockdown in Chengdu followed that of Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, which deployed seven-day citywide restrictions. Strict, quick action to stamp out Covid is key to China’s zero-tolerance approach to the virus, which President Xi … Read more

Charting the Global Economy: ECB Joins Jumbo Rate-Hike Club

The European Central Bank delivered an unprecedented three-quarter-point interest-rate hike this week, and another steep adjustment next month remains a distinct possibility in an escalating assault on rampant inflation.

China Extends Lockdown in Areas of Chengdu, Expands Testing

Nationwide, China reported 1,673 local Covid cases for Saturday, including 1,359 that are asymptomatic. Tibet found the most cases among all provinces, with 556 new infections detected, according to the National Health Commission. Sichuan province, home to Chengdu, reported 186. 

Taiwan Soldiers Fire at Civilian Drones Over Islands

While the statement didn’t identify the drones as having come from China, it said they retreated in the direction of the Chinese city of Xiamen, which lies several kilometers from the islands. The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times cited experts it didn’t identify as confirming the warning shots and contending that “the frequent flights of … Read more