Can the Fed tame inflation without crushing the stock market? What investors need to know.

The Federal Reserve isn’t trying to slam the stock market as it rapidly raises interest rates in its bid to slow inflation still running red hot — but investors need to be prepared for more pain and volatility because policy makers aren’t going to be cowed by a deepening selloff, investors and strategists said. “I … Read more

Secret meetings and snags: Everything you need to know about the EY split

The pending split at EY, one of the world’s largest accounting firms and firmly among the Big Four, is proving to be a much more complicated move that’s drawing out the timetable for negotiations, amid prickly internal discussions on finding the best deal for partners worldwide. The move, which would hive off consulting from audit … Read more

European banks got clobbered in Q2 — here’s what you need to know

European investment banks suffered a tough second quarter, as results this week revealed sharp cuts in dealmaking fees amid tough trading conditions. The past three months have been one of the most challenging environments for investors in the last decade. A surge in inflation, Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine, and a continued Covid-19 hangover have shaken … Read more

Bank job cuts are coming — here’s what you need to know1 min

Bank job cuts are coming — here’s what you need to know1 min