Egencia Launches APIs for Data Integration

Egencia has developed a new suite of APIs designed to make it easier for companies to share travel and expense data across their internal business systems, the company announced.

The APIs are designed to connect the various teams within a company that need to work with the travel team—finance, human resources and security, for example—to travel data and expense data without “cumbersome and time-consuming” processes to enter, share and reconcile the data, according to Egencia. Among the available APIs are user management APIs for single sign-on and user synchronization; expense APIs with data including expense, bookings, receipts and approvals; and reporting APIs.

“We are helping companies’ IT developers [bring data together] by delivering several APIs that are easy to use and bring booking and expense data over to enterprise systems,” according to Egencia VP of product and technology John Sturino. “This delivers the needed innovation in business travel for all parts of the organization and puts the travel management function closer to the strategic heart of the business where it belongs.”

Egencia also has launched a developer center for the APIs as a resource for IT departments working on integrations with Egencia’s platform.

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