This Fake Vaccine Consent Form Is Making The Rounds In Schools

The false letter states that there is a “one in 29,389 chance of dying from the vaccine”, which compares it to the very low risk of children dying from the virus.

The figure seems to have been taken from the Yellow Card scheme of Medicines and Healthcare Products, for people to report any suspected side effects after vaccination.

According to the BBC, approximately 49 million people have had at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 1,600 deaths have been logged into the scheme so far. However, just because someone who was vaccinated died, it does not mean they died because of the jab.

As with giving priority to the elderly population for vaccination, it makes sense that some people die after having their jab. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the two events are linked.

Professor Robin Shattock, an immunologist based in Imperial College London, sought to explain why we should be confident about vaccines last year.

“I think we need to remember that vaccines, next to clean water, are the single most effective public health implementation in the world,” he said.

“They saved more lives than other drugs. People are worried about this vaccine because they have noticed that it has been made so quickly, and we have actually done a disservice by saying ‘it takes 10 years to make a vaccine’.

“One thing that I think people completely forget is that a vaccine stimulates your immune system, fooling it to see if the virus has been detected, so you get an aspect of the infection that is hugely minor than real virus.

“So when you think about the risk benefit, the risk of having a serious outcome from Covid-19 is far greater than any theoretical risk of a vaccine, and the problem is that vaccines that successfully the diseases are gone and all you see are side effects. ”


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