The leading transportation firm left the Road Haulage Association as the truck driver crisis row intensified

Leading transport firm leaves Road Haulage Association for ‘CAUSING fuel crisis with leaked data’

  • Europe, a logistics giant in Kent, has a Road Haulage Association (RHA)
  • The firm has accused the RHA of being “largely responsible” for the unrest at gas stations in recent weeks
  • Row scalates with truck driver shortage – with only 20 emergency visas granted for foreign truckers so far

A leading transportation firm left the Road Haulage Association last night as a frantic truck driver shortage row dramatically grew.

Europe, a Kent -based logistics giant, said the RHA was ‘largely responsible’ for the turmoil in gasoline stations in recent weeks.

Boss Andrew Baxter said he was ‘shocked’ at the tactics used by the RHA including the ‘repeated leakage’ of confidential information.

He alleged that RHA bosses released a recording of a voicemail to the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps sa BBCPanorama program.

BidFood, one of the UK’s largest wholesalers, told ITV News that they were experiencing ‘significant pressures’, including problems in recruiting HGV drivers

It came as critics accused the Government of its inability to handle the driving crisis after ministers announced that only 20 emergency visas allowing foreign truckers to work in the UK had been granted so far.

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden said about 300 people had applied to take part in the procedure, but only about 20 of the 5,000 available visas had been issued.

He admitted that the number of applicants was ‘somewhat limited’ but stressed that it would ‘increase’.

The UK’s estimated 100,000 drivers shortage has been attributed to shortages on supermarket shelves, dwindling fuel supplies and missed collections.

The crisis was fueled by factors, including the relocation of foreign drivers after Brexit, poor pay and a backlog of testing caused by Covid restrictions.

Liberal Democrat spokesman at home Alistair Carmichael said:

Lorries are waiting at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, as the shipping giant Maersk says it is moving vessels away from UK ports

Lorries are waiting at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, as the shipping giant Maersk says it is moving vessels away from UK ports

In the face of a national crisis and our ports going into gridlock, the response from conservative ministers is too late. ‘

He added: ‘This incompetence is dangerous to cause more empty shelves and more suffering for British consumers by the end of Christmas.’

Meanwhile, in an open letter to the RHA, Mr. Baxter said: ‘I am amazed at the way the RHA has performed over the years. It is no longer an adequate representation of the organization for the road hauling industry in the UK. ‘

He said: ‘The RHA has a huge responsibility for the current fuel crisis by leaking information about fuel stocks, which has ruined the country and the haulage sector.’

The RHA said today: ‘It is completely untrue that the RHA is in any way to blame for the panic at fuel pumps: in fact, our TV spokesperson appeared repeatedly stressing fuel stocks and high and no need to panic buy.

‘We regret this member’s decision to resign from membership because the RHA has never expressed a view on Brexit and respects the UK’s democratic decision to leave the EU: however, we reflect our members’ concerns about fixing boundaries and customs and their real concerns. has been communicated to government and officials as part of our normal activity on their behalf. ‘



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