LI’s Tiffany Seely continues her ‘Survivor’ journey

Plainview middle school teacher Tiffany Seely had a more memorable moment on “Survivor 41” Wednesday night as she continued through episode 4 of CBS’s island endurance competition.

“The tribe is doing well because I’m kicking [expletive], “he combined the recent consolidation of the Yase tribe.” It’s not just because of me; I’m joking, “he added quickly.” This is a group effort. And in ‘Survivor,’ it’s a game to me, me, me at the end of the day that often puts aside teamwork. We’ve now learned to work together, and once you get a little bit of momentum under you, it just starts to go the right way. “

In a highlight of the stage, he called his three remaining tribe members to a beach to witness the “hundreds of baby turtles” that had just hatched and headed out to sea. Jairus “JD” Robinson of the Ua tribe was later elected.

In Fox’s “Alter Ego,” where CGI avatars act in place of the real-life singers they pronounce, Glen Head college student Samaera Hirsch, aka CGI avatar Misty Rose, was not among the eight performers in episode 5, which saw Danielle Cetani aka Phoenix Embers removed. Hirsch is set to perform next week as one of the remaining eight.


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