Wind and polymath player Douglas R. Ewart gathers a trio to honor AACM seniors

In September, Experimental Sound Studio opened a retrospective exhibit by Chicago Woodwind player and multidisciplinary artist Douglas R. Ewart at its Audible Gallery at 5925 N. Ravenswood. His paintings, collages, sculpture, masks, musical instruments, and more will be on display by small group appointment until Sunday, Dec. 12. Saturday, October 16, at 7 PM, the Ewart trio Sonic Bamboo Rhizomes (with ESS cofounder Lou Mallozzi and founding director of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project Renée Baker) show a performance called Waterless Wise Bamboo at High Concept Labs at 2233 S. Throop. Ewart is a member of Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and he dedicated this set to AACM seniors Lester Helmar Lashley, Wallace McMillan (aka LaRoy Roosevelt McMillan), and Reginald “Reggie” Willis. Proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours is required, and reservations by ESS event page inirerekumenda

Brothers Jake and Paul Stolz both play Varsity at Pool Holograph, which is enough to make them faves of Gossip Wolf-but their indie-pop duo, Discus, bear watching also. Last week, Discus dropped the single “It was Designed to Be Like This” b / w “Vasulka Returns,” whose spacious ambiance is reminiscent of the UK postpunk of Cleaners From Venus. As an alternative to vinyl, Discus is taking preorders through Jake’s Sunroom label for a VHS version, featuring videos for both tracks and an experimental long-running video feedback.

The new Discus single is also available on VHS tape.

On Friday, the Chicago rapper Don’t Be Kendall fell vigorously full-length #DBKSZN, promoting him as an MC to find out. In “Dreams,” his voice slammed into a malicious sample of “All I Have to Do Is Dream” sliced ​​by busy hi-hats, and with every second he seemed to amplify the song with joy. If you don’t hook it, maybe his reference to the Village Discount Outlet in the “Masterclass” will do.

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