Will the defense find consistency compared to Oklahoma State

AUSTIN (KXAN) – On Saturday, Texas will take the field hoping to eliminate the lost last week to Oklahoma – the way the Sooners were able to defeat attempts by defending UT.

The main issue Longhorn said was consistent throughout the entire game.

“I think we were very enthusiastic in the first half and then you seemed comfortable or something like that and in the second half it was,‘ OK, we went up, they scored big, OK, they scored twice, we still got the lead. ‘, ”Said senior defensive back BJ Foster.

Of course, that mentality bit them against Oklahoma, but it became an issue the whole time. Texas has given up the third most yards, third most points, and second most rushing yards in the Big 12.

Players said they knew the solutions, it was just a matter of implementation and aggressiveness.

“You have to be a dawg, we preach that, be a dawg every play. It’s a little thing we have to fix,” junior defensive end Keondre Coburn said. “There, we just have to execute and we have to heal from it.”

“I think we need to slow down the game, we need to slow down and find out what they’re doing,” senior defensive lineman Moro Ojomo said. “And there has to be an honesty in the field of, ‘hey I messed up.'”

Now, the defense expects to continue from a performance where they allowed 662 yards of total offense. OU quarterback Caleb Williams finished the Sooners from a 38-20 deficit at halftime for a 35-second half-point. The Longhorn defense has been the victim of explosive plays over the OU game.

“All you have to do is move forward,” senior defensive Anthony Cook said. “Coach Becton told us the best way to get rid of this feeling is to put it on someone else so that’s what we’re trying to do.”

“We know what our goals are, we know what we want to achieve this fall,” head coach Steve Sarkisian said. “We know to do that, we have to play well this Saturday and that’s where our focus is.”

Now, 1The 2nd ranked and undefeated State of Oklahoma head to the Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, which provides another challenge for the UT defense. Kickoff is set for 11 am

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