The launch of Ranch’s hi-tech booking service with a ‘waiting list’-and the Just Eat shakes!

One of northern Lincolnshire’s most popular restaurants is launching a new high-tech table booking service that includes a digital ‘waiting list’ to help the need.

The Ranch Steakhouse & Grill, at Mouth, has seen huge demand ever since it fully reopened after the lockdown which means some customers may be left frustrated when looking for a table at peak times.

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In response to the popularity, the Aswell Street restaurant is rocking its booking system with a “fully digital” service that will let customers change their reservations at the touch of a button to maximize availability.

Speaking about the changes, owner Oliver Crossland said: “If you book a table today and you want to change the time or change the number of people you need to contact, we need to check the ability once a customer is contacted again the slot may be lost.

Ranch will let people join a digital waiting list in case there are late cancellations last night

“Now people can book, say, a table for two and then if two friends want to come along, they can go back to their original booking e-mail, hit‘ change ’, and add of two people.It ‘then show if we have available at the same time or if there is a table with no size half an hour later.

“Once it launches, you’ll also be able to proceed and, if the entire space is booked, you can add yourself to a waiting list that goes through us. So, if someone cancels, we can alert anyone who does nandoon. “

Oliver said the move to the new system was a “massive change” but it was worth the effort, with the digital service even being able to “adapt” to the changes being available seamlessly.

For those not online, an automated phone system is also set to launch farther down the line that will work in a similar way other than using voice signals.

Meanwhile, even though the takeaway service has ended in lockdown, one of its most popular parts is set to return via Just Eat.

Ranch’s generous milkshakes will be available using the app, which is set to launch ‘Shakeaway’ next week allowing fans to easily order and collect them.

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