The bodycam showing Gabby Petito with bruises on her neck raises new questions as it was decided she was choked

HOURS after a coroner determined Gabby Petito died by strangulation, internet sleuths point to her last seen appearance in police bodycam footage telling police Brian Laundrie left bruises on his neck.

Slain 22-year-old Petito last seen on a camera of the Moab, Utah police body holding the neck and explaining that Laundrie had a girlfriend “scratched and grabbed” him, causing bruises.


The video shows Petito with bruises and scratches gaining new interest after a coroner determined he died by strangulation
Petito was seen in bodycam footage with bruises on his neck


Petito was seen in bodycam footage with bruises on his neckCredit: Moab City Police Department

Now get the footage newly found interest after Teton County the coroner determined the cause of Petito’s death was due to decay, which decided his death a murder.

The video in question on Aug. 12 shows police officers from The Moab Police Department broke up an argument between Petito and Laundrie it became physical.

Officer Eric Pratt wrote in a report that the two had “joined a kind of argument” before police broke up Petito and Laundrie up

“Did he hit you? I mean, it’s okay if you say you hit him. I understand if he hit you, but we want to know the truth if he really hit you,” an officer heard on camera questioning Petito.

“I, I guess, yeah, but I hit him first …” Petito replied. “He liked snatching my face, like, I guess. He didn’t want to be right in my face. He didn’t want to punch me in the face.”

“Why, he wants to touch me, like his nail, and I think so does the pain. I definitely have a cut. Like, I feel it,” he continued, showing his arm and neck with bruises and scratches.

Laundrie told officers he had no time to engage in self -defense and instead “I pushed him away.”

“He’s really hard-working, and when he’s swinging and he’s got his cell phone in his hand. So I’m just trying to push him,” Laundrie said.

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Pratt wrote that “both men and women reported that they were in love and getting married and desperately did not want to see anyone charged with a crime.”

“After reviewing the totality of the circumstances, I do not believe that the situation has climbed to the level of a domestic assault as much as a mental health crisis,” Officer Daniel Robbins wrote in the report.

The report said the couple followed officers’ advice to separate, saying each had their cell phone to call 911 and described Petitio as “confused and emotional.” No charges were filed.

The bruises were first seen by Maija Polsey, a family friend of the Petito family who said “The police completely skimmed what gabby said, and had a bruise on her cheek and said it touched her.”

“Yet the police end is Gabby was the one who kidnapped – apparently because her husband went crazy once.”

A body language expert said Petito was afraid to tell police what happened to him, given that he put his hand over his mouth to repeat how he had met the bruises.

“The first super scary indicator was where he put his hand to show what the girlfriend told him,” Patti Wood said.

“While he was doing that, I thought it was someone who wanted to silence him because it didn’t go in his mouth.”

Petito was reported missing from him family on Sept. 11 – weeks after the Utah incident.

FBI cops and detectives discovered his remains on September 19 and a initial autopsy revealed the way of him death to be a murder.

Meanwhile, Laundrie was declared a “person of interest” by police investigating the investigation but did not name him as a suspect.

FBI agents issued an arrest warrant, accusing the fugitive of swiping a debit card between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

Laundrie returned to Florida alone on September 1 without Gabby and police seized the couple’s camper van a few days later.

He was reported missing on September 17 – days after allegedly telling his parents that he was going on a walk on the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Sarasota.

Police continue to investigate the reserve but have not found Laundrie while reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter also participate in search efforts.

He said he had a vision of Laundrie in other parts of Florida, Alabama, at Mexico but most of the potential leads turned out to be untrue and led to the dead.

Police decided to separate the couple but did not file a case


Police decided to separate the couple but did not file a case
Police wrote in their report that the two were in love and did not want to file a case against the other


Police wrote in their report that the two were in love and did not want to file a case against the otherCredit: Youtube / Nomadic Static

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