Multiple Pets Reported Stolen Recently In Dallas’ Uptown Neighborhood – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -Residents in Dallas ’Uptown neighborhood have reported multiple pet thefts recently and said home surveillance video shows they were taken from people’s property.

“We have a cat here that I’ve cared for for 10 years,” Jennifer Styers said.

To Styers, Deidre, is family.

About two weeks ago he disappeared.

Home surveillance video captured what happened.

“Two homeless people came and collected garbage on the sidewalk,” he said.

She explained that someone had picked up Deidre, put her in the trash and walked away.

The image of the tracking cat that was allegedly stolen inside the trash can.

“It’s heartbreaking,” he said. “It’s like a death. We’re next door.”

He submitted a police report and shared what happened online.

“We went to Nextdoor and we realized there were a lot of pets missing and we didn’t know why they were missing,” SPCA volunteer Rebecca Todd said. “Some people have videos of them that were actually taken by homeless people and taken away. We didn’t know it mattered.”

As an SPCA volunteer, Styers wonders if pet flipping, where the pet is taken from its owner and sold online, is involved.

Fortunately, he said Dierdre is now safe at home but has health problems as a result of poor care.

Deidre the cat (credit: Jennifer Styers)

“Someone found him at Nextdoor a few miles east of Dallas,” he said.

She now takes care of her health. He offers this advice to pet owners:

“Don’t leave it unattended even if it’s in your front fenced yard,” he said. “When they lose their pet, they have to file a police report because that’s one thing we found is people don’t file a police report.”


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