Darlington Christmas supermarkets appeal for women’s shelter

SAINSBURY’S Local in Duke Street, Darlington, has launched an appeal for Christmas gifts in support of a women’s shelter, Family Help Darlington CIO.

Darlington Family Assistance CIO is a shelter for women and children in Darlington and the team cares for those fleeing domestic abuse, threat of violence or any other type of danger.

Staff at Sains Street’s Duke Street have set up a collection point in the store for shoppers to give small gifts including baby toys and toiletries.

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Jo Robinson from Sainsbury’s Duke Street said: “We wanted to support a local charity and although it has been a difficult year for everyone, it will be the hardest for people who need help from Family Help Darlington (CIO) .

“It seemed like a worthy cause and as Christmas approached we thought it would be a good thing to do it as a community effort.

“The staff liked the idea so we set up a small collection point in the shop.”

Anna Caygill from Family Help Darlington CIO said: “Although we are the only shelter of this type in Darlington, people from all over the UK come to us so any gifts people give would be greatly appreciated. .

“People who use our service are fleeing domestic abuse and they often end up with nothing so nice if women can be given some toiletries or a cosmetic set and the children have some toys or game appropriate, to lift their spirits. ”

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Due to Covid and health and safety, second hand donations cannot be accepted but Anna clarified that any donations large or small can make a big difference.

“There’s no such thing as too many donations because not only for Christmas, we can use it for birthdays and when people first come to the shelter. These are the people who have had a very hard time and if a little that gift will help them so we encourage donations.

“We want the people who use our shelter to feel at home and if a small gift helps then we want to give that for them. We want people to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. . ”

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