Colombian governor survives two armed attacks in 24 hours

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A Colombian governor claimed Tuesday that he had survived two armed attacks in the space of 24 hours in a region plagued by dissident leftist guerrillas.

The first attack occurred on Sunday when “the vehicle in which he was traveling was hit by a sniper,” Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, governor of the central department of Meta, told W Radio.

On Monday afternoon “an explosive device” was detonated when a caravan of vehicles in which Zuluaga was traveling passed.

Zuluaga escaped both incidents unharmed, but an adult and a six-year-old child were injured by “the fragments of the explosive device,” he said.

The Liberal governor said he was warned of a planned third attack “on a site we intended to go to.”

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The region was the former stronghold of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the rebel group that laid down its arms and formed a communist political party following a historic peace agreement in 2016.

However, some dissident guerrillas refused to give up their fight and continue to operate in the most lawless regions of Colombia, where other armed groups also compete for control of the lucrative drug trade and illegal timber extraction and extraction markets.

The local population is often the victim of violence and extortion.

Throughout their half-century of conflict with the Colombian state, FARC rebels regularly attacked political leaders who ruled in their areas of influence.

Experts accuse the government of leaving certain regions at the mercy of armed groups since the peace agreement was signed.

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