Brendan Burke is on the road again with the Islanders – and now Turner Sports

Islanders fans tend to have two reactions when they learn of Brendan Burke’s national television opportunity.

Here’s the second: Good for him! But the first is this: Will he miss any Islanders games?

The good news for team fans and the play-by-play announcer is that by the end of the calendar year, Burke is not scheduled to miss any of MSG Networks ’Islanders games for his new job at Turner.

That could and probably will change at some point in early 2022, somehow, for Burke’s role as No. 2 on TNT’s new play-by-play depth chart behind Kenny Albert.

But for now, 2021 is clear on disputes. Logistics will not always be easy.

Burke is scheduled to call the second half of TNT’s double opening on Wednesday night, visiting Chicago on the Avalanche, then an overnight flight from Denver to Miami and going there from Raleigh for the Islanders ’opener against the Hurricanes on Thursday night.

It’s all a small price to pay for national TV exposure and for the chance to return to the site for road games after working the playoffs in 2019-20 and throughout the 2020-21 season. monitor.

“Oh, that’s all,” Burke said. “It’s a game-changer. We kind of got, unfortunately, previously not seeing everything in the last year. Plus it feels like you have handcuffs removed on you while you’re trying to do your job is amazing.”

Burke will be accompanied on the road by his longtime student, Butch Goring, but reporter / studio host Shannon Hogan and her Rangers and Devils counterparts MSG will not be traveling.

Getting back on track is especially important this season, Burke said, as the Islanders play their first 13 games away from home.

“Not watching your team play in person for almost a quarter of the season will definitely feel weird and make you feel connected,” he said.

“To follow them around on this 13-game road trip, which will be historic one way or the other, is kind of a perfect way to be re-introduced to the road.”

No one in the NHL was surprised by Turner signing with Burke, but he said there were no guarantees in his mind when league rights moved from NBC to Turner and ESPN.

“I have no idea what that means to me,” he said, “if that’s going to be the last national hockey game I’ve called. Broadcasting is very subjective, and there are a lot of talented broadcasters in the NHL.”

Turner was sold, however, and paired with him by analyst Darren Pang.

Burke, 37, is entering his sixth season in Islanders games. His contract ended after last season and he attracted interest elsewhere, notably in Chicago, but he chose to stay with MSG.

“It’s the job I’ve always dreamed of,” he said. “I’ve certainly been flattered by some of the interests from other areas during the offseason, but I’ve always wanted to make it work here.”

He said MSG executives helped make it “a place where I could stay and get here forever, so happy that it worked out where I could stay with the Islanders here for a long time.”

Burke has been popular with most fans ever since. He said he was expecting some worsening illness and wasn’t sure how he would be accepted as a well -known “American Hockey League radio guy.”

But he said fans quickly reduced to where he came from and instead focused on his work.

“The only thing I want from Islanders fans is for them to forget as soon as possible that I’m the new person,” he said. “That kind of thing happened even faster than I expected it to happen.”


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