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(CBS) – Batwoman will return Oct. 13 for the third installment on The CW. The series stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder aka Batwoman. Robin Givens joins the cast as Jada Jet, the CEO of Jet Industries.

CBS’s Katie Johnston (KJ) caught up with Leslie (JL) and Givens (RG) to chat about the show’s evolution into Givens ’new character. The two also talk about paying homage to Batman and what it’s like to work on the show

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Si KJ– Join me today to talk all about the upcoming action of the upcoming season, Batwoman herself, Javicia Leslie, and a strong woman off screen, but playing a strong business mogul in the series , Robin Givens. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Robin, starting with your new character ‘Jada Jet,’ what do you like about her? And what can fans expect to see from his contributions over time?

RG– I inlove him. I really love him. He is very strong, as you mentioned. He runs a major company in Gotham City. The fact Robin, I belong to Gotham City is really amazing. I would love to try to animate her in a special way in the sense that she is a powerful woman, but she is also a mother. His Achilles heel, if he had one, would be his children – his two children. Ryan didn’t grow up with his mother in his life, who was a major hangman in the abyss last season. I’m not sure Jada is really ready to have a relationship with Ryan. But we see a lot of guilt there; we see a lot of love there. We see – at first – he is being kept at bay. The dynamic of their relationship is a special one. She is willing to do anything to protect her children and I mean.

Si KJ– You mentioned how exciting it is to be a part of the world of Gotham. Are you both growing DC Comics fans? Are you a Batwoman fan?

Si JL– I’m a huge, massive Batman fan – like – extremely massive Batman fan. So enter the world of Batwoman in this kind of way and — especially Season 3 — be able to honor Batman by earning Batman Villain Trophies in Gotham and trophies influencing new villains. So you’re talking about villains influenced by Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, and Victor Fries. To be a part of that storytelling is so much fun. I really feel like a kid that I’m just making this imaginary world, but clearly influenced by a make-up world that I grew up watching and creating in my mind.

Si KJ– How are you, Robin?

RG– We live here. We live in this world. Sometimes we make a scene and you say these words and you’re in this world and it’s just really cool. It’s so much fun to experience it from inside Gotham City.

Si KJ– I want to ask you, Robin, who will enter this character, who is a new character at this time. What kind of chemistry is set for you? How would you describe your relationship with the cast and crew?

RG– I’m glad, Katie, that you asked that question. It really – go ahead, Javicia. Turn off the ear. I know you’re tired of hearing. A moment. He has such a major role. She’s Batwoman, she’s the on-screen leader, but she’s also the off-screen leader. Whatever the chemistry is set, its very good. We laugh with laughter. To get into work, and we all know it, to want to work and have fun. Sometimes in scenes we cry. The other day we were doing this main scene and Javicia blew me up and I was bursting into tears. It was such a pleasure, and I think so much came from him. We have Caroline Dries who is our show runner and writer-runs an amazing team, we are given these amazing words. The chemistry is amazing. Right now I just don’t want it to end.

Si KJ– I remember me watching an interview with you, Javicia, when you first joined this role, how you felt that it was a family, and you have never met more than this role. This still seems to be true to this day.

Si JL– Yes Yes! And it’s super cool to get new members of our family to join. You are all amazing additions to this family. We all had so much fun together that even though we made Zoom press calls and we were all there, we kept cracking jokes and remembering what happened. It’s a really positive energy and a positive vibe. It makes going to work enjoyable, but it also makes it easier.

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Si KJ– Javicia, with the introduction of your character last season, what does it mean to you to return to this show this season and continue Batwoman’s legacy?

Si JL– Very good! Exciting! This is the third season of the show, but my second season. They were all like, ‘Okay, we’re doing this again.’ And for me – ahh we do it again! It’s really cool, it’s really fun, it’s really epic. I’m just so excited about this season. This season is super fun. As I said earlier, each stage can stand on its own. They are full and colorful and they are Gotham, so dark and creepy. It’s funny because I’m going to see small pieces of film and it’s going to be a very beautiful scene of a person’s face being cut off and I’m going to be like – ‘we did that first.’ I’m proud! We did that creepy thing first. To be just a part of a show that is very good on earth and every part of it is very good in the story and very good in every element of the story-it makes it even more enjoyable.

Si KJ– You’ll definitely achieve that when I watch a preview for this season and scenes from stages that haven’t been aired yet. The connection you have on set and everything you’ve done on the show is just incredible. Is there anything else I haven’t asked about the upcoming season you’d like to include?

Si JL– I know I’m really excited for the villains. That’s one of my favorite things because, when it comes to anything Batman -related, I love villains. I really loved the villains more than anything. And then I’m really excited for this trip that Ryan is doing with his mom. I don’t even know what will happen. Robin knew this about me. I can only read the upcoming episode. I couldn’t read any more than that because I started to get confused and made character decisions that also didn’t apply to this episode. So they all know what’s going on in episode 9 and I just know what’s going on in the current episode that I’m experiencing. I have no idea what will happen to Ryan and Jada. Then, to promote it, we did a scene the other day and Jada did a really crazy thing. I look at what happened, and I go back and I look at Jada and I think to myself – I think of it as Javicia and I think Ryan thinks of it as well – ‘Do I really want to be part of this family? They are crazy!

RG– Katie! You must have seen it. He turns and goes— ‘I don’t know!’

Si KJ– I would love for you to include that!

RG– He’s ready to do anything and I mean! But, Javicia-you just know-we have other history to do when you talk about villains in a way. We can’t give it, don’t give it!

Si JL– I know I’m bad about that.

RG– I think the world is really excited to see.

Si JL– I give a lot – what do you call them?

RG– Spoilers!

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Si JL– I provide a lot of spoilers so I have to be some kind of preference, spin it.


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