Atlanta In Turmoil After City Changes Names Of All Roads On ‘Maple Drive’ To Distance It From Confirmed Past

ATLANTA – Sending motorists and pedestrians alike in a sea of ​​confusion, Atlanta was reported to be in turmoil Tuesday after officials changed the names of every street on “Maple Drive” in an effort to keep the city away from Confederate recently. “We applaud the municipality’s decision to no longer respect these racist historical figures, but we want them to find some more names on the street just for clarity,” said local woman Kathleen Stokes, confirming that residents trying to locate schools, hospitals, and shopping centers were styled by hundreds of intersecting Maple Drives. “I try to pick up my kids from a playdate and my GPS keeps going on Maple until I see the signs for Maple and then take a soft left on Maple. Make no mistake – I don’t like the idea of ​​driving on streets named after people fighting for slavery, but I’m sure the name ‘Central Ave’ doesn’t mean any kind of problematic history. ”At the time of the press release, the city of Atlanta corrected its error by renaming each street Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


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