Sky News Doomsday Climate Report Flooded With Misleading Claims About Sea Rising

Sky News Doomsday climate report flooded with misleading claims about rising seas

Convicting journalists in Sky News they are reporting without foundation graphic claims that London is on the way to flood, illustrated with a picture of Buckingham Palace in 10 feet of water. The only thing that is awash is the report, awash in misleading weather claims. Using graphics from the hyperbolic campaign group, Climate Central, Sky News implies that world famous sites such as Buckingham Palace, Burj Khalifa and the Lincoln Memorial will be completely inundated by water due to rapid sea level rise if the UK does not cut annual emissions in half to 2030. Barely watertight journalism …

The image used by Sky News shows the water coming near the top of the 10-foot-high fence that surrounds Buckingham Palace. According to the elevation maps, Buckingham Palace is about 17 meters above sea level, which means that for the image to be a realistic representation of any scenery, the sea level would have to rise about 20 meters from where is now. This is simply not feasible, it is not scientific, it is fake news.

The worst-case predictions from reputable climate researchers are well outside of these apocalyptic predictions. In high-emission climate scenarios, sea levels are expected to upload by about 77 cm above the 1995-2014 average by the year 2100. Under lower emissions scenarios, sea level is forecast to rise 38 cm by 2100. Similarly, the Intergovernmental Panel on Change UN Climate predicts Sea level will rise 30cm to 90cm on average by 2100, and most coastal locations will experience sea level rise within 20% of this projection. The climate scenario from no reliable source predicts that tourists will need life jackets to take a photo next to Buckingham Palace …

Sky News is immersing viewers in end-of-days fantasies that create damage weather anxiety in children. The accomplices can rest easy knowing that this climate scaremongering is nonsense. Don’t let the apocalyptics put you off!

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