Megan Fox and MGK Open About Their Romance In Intimate Cover Shoot

Megan Fox and MGK Open About Their Romance In Intimate Cover Shoot

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly opened up to the highest and lowest of their intense relationship in a joint interview British GQ style.

“It’s a very intense relationship,” Megan, 35, said in the publication, after sharing that her relationship with MGK, 31, has “euphoric highs.” Ang Transformers The actress added, “Our souls chose it to fully face our shadow; to face things about ourselves that we didn’t want to know, that we tried to push.”

Megan Fox
Megan Fox & MGK Open About Their Love in Intimate Cover Shoot for ‘British GQ Style’ / British GQ Style

The couple also appeared on the cover of the Autumn / Winter 2021 issue in an intimate cover shoot. Megan was stripped of nothing but a black bra and underwear for part of the shoot. The sexy superstar sat on a black couch while holding a gun to MGK, who was wearing an oversized black jacket, rash pants and boots. Ang Bloody Valentine the singer also has a cigarette in his mouth, and a piece of his tattoos is partially visible on his chest.

For more professional snapshots, Megan wears a gold minidress. Her stunning black hair slightly flowed as she posed with MGK, who at this time, was completely shirtless to view the fans on her saturated body.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox and MGK Open About Their Romance In Intimate Cover Shoot / British GQ Style

Machine Gun Kelly— MGK, 31, who began dating Megan in 2020, has revealed more about the imperfections of their relationship.

“It’s supposed to be light, but we also go to hell with each other,” MGK said in an interview on Oct. 11. “It’s bliss and misery … I don’t want people to think anything that perfect of us. I didn’t say this is the darkest fairy for no reason. God help you if you meet us on Saturday. “Megan agreed with her rockstar beau’s sentiment about their romance, saying British GQ style, “There’s also a demon side.”

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“It was clear from the second what was going to happen, but we weren’t immediately hooked,” Megan recalled of the relationship. The actress added, “I’m open to love, but I don’t expect to walk up to my soul like that.”

Megan continued, “Obviously I’m on the path of life, and those paths line up, those doors open. It’s as if all the barriers that have been alone with us all these years have been removed. and we were finally able to get through. “

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