It is not clear what are the Entrée Properties Obtained from Nab Full Page Image In Menu

GORHAM, ME – Expressing their suspicions about backroom deals being cut at a local restaurant, patrons at Blue Pig Diner told reporters on Tuesday it wasn’t clear to them what strings the entrance pulled of Caesar salad to catch a whole page color picture in the menu. “There’s no way the wrap got there on its own,” said regular customer Beth Andino, who thinks there must be some cronyism at play, given the fact that there are many other dishes, such as Southwest fajitas and the Greek plate, that seem more worthy of the place than the completely unattractive sandwich alternative. “It has to have in on the manager or someone important like that. How else does a salad wrap get that kind of treatment? The pulled pork sandwich will make a more attractive image, but it just gets of a small picture in the background, opposite the children. menu Even a panini with its grill marks will be more photogenic. But I don’t think any of those entrees have the right connection. “Indicating about the unsatisfactory nature of the arrangement, Andino observed that Caesar’s wrap included a homemade dressing that the restaurant“ just happened ”to sell on the front.


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