Footage appeared of Diego Maradona in bed with the teenage girl after trafficking allegations

The footage appeared of the World Cup address Maradona was lying in bed with a 16-year-old girl the star now accuses him of working, forcing her to enlarge her chest and being hooked on cocaine.

Mavys Alvarez, now 37, claims she was only 16 when she and Maradona entourage he was flown to Argentina without his parents ’permission.

The footage taken in 2000 appears to show Maradona in a bed with him.

Mavys Alvarez giving a lecture

Maradona, who died at the age of 60 last year, appears to be holding a camera as the pair lay in bed at the start of their three years. relationship.

Mavys, a Cuban national who now lives in Miami, recounted how she met Maradona while he was undergoing treatment for cocaine addiction in Cuba when he was just 16.

In an interview with America TeVe, Mavys said: “I’m just a woman. I’m pure.

“He was a stranger, he was rich and he ignored me. I can’t say no. It is a privilege to be a girlfriend. “He added that in 2002, when he was just 17, Maradona flew him to Argentina without his parents telling him.

Diego Maradona kisses the trophy after the World Cup final against West Germany at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City

Mavys said she arrived in Buenos Aires and was essentially locked in her hotel room by Maradona’s entourage.

“I spent two and a half months there, they didn’t let me leave the hotel or the apartment where I was kept in the capital Buenos Aires.

“The only two activities they allow me to do are shopping and visiting the zoo.

“I always have someone with me.”

Mavys also said she was forced to undergo breast augmentation surgery without permission from her mother and father.

The interview led the Foundation for Peace and Climate Change in Argentina to present a legal case against the last football star’s affiliates for human trafficking. The complaint was filed with the Prosecutor’s Office for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons (PROTEX) and is now in the hands of federal judge Julian Ercolini.

Gaston Marano, Mavys’ lawyer, said: “There was a conspiracy between foreigners and local immigration authorities.”

The probe is believed to be underway.

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