The Duchess of Cambridge is NOT Princess Diana, stop saying they look alike

Last week, we made a post about the constant fashion comparisons between Princess Diana and her daughters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan. Well, we come back with a similar theme, but instead, we are faced with the Duchess of Cambridge and the way she handles her engagements. All the press does is say that Kate is doing everything as Prince Charles’s first wife.

Catherine has her own interests and fashion choices. However, everything (apparently) relates to Diana. It’s tedious and boring to read the same shit over and over. Every time the Duchess of Cambridge appears in the media, the headlines read: “Kate Middleton’s Sweet Wink to Princess Diana.” Umm. That?

Give us a break! The Duchess of Cambridge is not like Diana. Sure, she crouches down to interact with the kids, but other royals do, too. Does that mean THEY are like the Princess of Wales? No. It is not like that. Also, can we STOP referring to Catherine as “Kate Middleton”?

This person ceased to exist after she left Westminister Abbey as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is no more and has not since April 2011. Join the program! Rarely was the media caught referring to Princess Diana as Lady Diana after her wedding to Prince Charles in the early 1980s.

Interests that differ

How can people compare the late Princess of Wales to the Duchess of Cambridge when their charitable interests are different? Diana’s efforts revolved around children and adults with AIDS and HIV, while Catherine’s focused on early childhood development. Yes, they both got involved in charities that focus on children, but the issues are different.

While Diana loved interacting with and spending time with children, Catherine’s approach is more practical. He’s not afraid to high-five and help them out. While the Princess of Wales was like that too, the Duchess has a more confident air about her.

Age and similarities

Catherine knew William incredibly well when they married in April 2011. Diana, however, did not know Charles well, despite being surrounded by royalty all her life. Furthermore, the Duchess was 29 years old when she and Wiliam walked the route of marriage. The Princess of Wales was 20 years old when she married the Prince of Wales.

Not to mention, Wiliam and Catherine were the same age, while there was more than a decade of age difference between Diana and Charles. Also, the Cambridges have a lot in common, while the Welsh pair do not.

William is very supportive of Catherine’s work and she is very supportive of his. If he wants her involved, he will ask, and there is no envy between them. However, Charles became jealous of his first wife’s popularity when he thought that people should relate to him more, as he would be their next monarch.

Catherine does not mind being equal to her husband. She loves to see what you are working on and is willing to give you advice if you need it.

Meanwhile, Charles had little interest in Diana’s work and she had nothing to do with his.

It is not necessary to compare the Duchess of Cambridge with the Princess of Wales

Comparing Catherine to Diana is no different than comparing Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, to The Queen. There is no need for it. It’s as if the media are looking for a reason to think that the Duchess of Cambridge is Diana reincarnated. She is not there. They are two different people who lived in two different times.

Yes, there have been nods to Diana throughout Catherine’s time as William’s wife, but that’s about it. You can use pictures from when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born and say that the Princess of Wales was an inspiration. Sure, whatever, but it’s impossible to say that the Duchess of Cambridge would have looked at photos and wanted to dress like her.

No, that’s something Meghan would have done. Everybody knows how she’s obsessed with diana. It’s exhausting that the media seem to have the same description of Catherine when they should be focusing on her work. They should not seek comparisons between her and the mother-in-law that she never had a chance to meet.

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