The Albany Symphony Orchestra welcomes recipients after 18 months


ALBANY, NY (BALITA10) – Brass, strings, woodwind and all the elements of an orchestra, put together for the first time in 18 months at the Palace Theater. And, for acclaimed conductor David Alan Miller’s 30th year with the Albany Symphony Orchestra.

“It’s a very cosmic thing when you have an audience,” Miller said, “because they give you this kind of emotional feedback even when they’re just listening intensively. You feel like they’re listening and so we really missed that interaction. that. ”

Miller said, like all businesses, the orchestra and its musicians have learned to adapt to the times say, So if people can’t come or are uncomfortable entering the hall. They can experience the concert from the comfort of their own home. “

The return of the orchestra to the Palace came, of course, with some changes. Concerts are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. Masks are also required. For many, like Arlene Brilliant, live music is missed.

“It’s nice to go back to doing the things you love. Going to the theater. We answered the Palace and all the great cultural events happening in the Capital District, ”Brilliant said. The next concert for the Albany Symphony Orchestra is in Troy on November13.


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