‘SNL’ is cold tomorrow: Facebook unites Republicans and Democrats – in turmoil

Saturday Night Live“in the cold tomorrow of this weekend found something that could combine both Democrats and Republicans senators – They are all too old to understand Facebook.

In the opening sketch of the show, Sen. thanked him. Richard Blumenthal (Mikey Day), chairman of the subcommittee who heard testimony last week from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, in front of him in Congress.

“Thank you. It’s nice to be in an office without skateboards,” Haugen (Heidi Gardner) replies.

He said that as a former Facebook engineer he believes the social media site can “harm children, drive division and undermine our democracy.”

“I appreciate all of that,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. (Cecily Strong), answered. “My question is, I have 2,000 friends on Facebook. Is that good? … Is that like a lot? It sounds like 2,000.”

He asked how many Facebook friends the rapper Drake had, wondering if it was about 4,000.

Haugen said the number of Drake devotees is close to 50 million.


“So, it’s no wonder he doesn’t answer my poke,” Strong’s Feinstein said in astonishment.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La. (Kyle Mooney), then told Haugen that he was disturbed by his testimony about Facebook’s algorithms and immediately asked “Where is it?” and began to move his hands outward to let him know “how big” the algorithm was.

“Are you carrying anything today?” he asked.

Photo from left: Musical guests Halsey, host Kim Kardashian West, and Cecily Strong during promos for ‘Saturday Night Live,’ October 7, 2021.
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“Uh, no, but there are algorithms on all our phones and computers,” Haugen replied.

“Not me, I have a Jitterbug flip phone,” he informed, identifying an old-school red cell.

Sen. Cory Booker, DN.J. (Chris Redd), used the hearing to remind everyone that he was dating actress Rosario Dawson.

“So my question is: Does that make sense? Right? Like I put him in a picture, that looks regular, right?”

Sina Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Aidy Bryant), Kennedy and Feinstein all had questions about the meme (called it “meh-may”) displayed in their feeds, along with an image from an old book series “Animorphs” of a girl gradually evolves into a mouse.

Feinstein worries that Facebook is forcing young people to “slowly become moras.”

“Is this the Stuart Little Challenge?” he asked.

Sen. said. Lindsey Graham, RS.C., (James Austin Johnson) whose meme reminded her of something she saw on the dark web, asking Cruz to ask if the dark web is “the same as Black Twitter.”

“Order, please! Stop displaying Ms. Haugen’s memes you found online,” Blumenthal pleaded, slapping the motion.

“It’s meh-may,” Cruz corrected.

Blumenthal then quickly shut down Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt in a video response, choosing to bring in the “OG social media king” – Tom from MySpace.

“Remember me? I’m not harmful,” said MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson, (Pete Davidson) who has become affectionately known as “Tom,” the first friend of every MySpace user on the outdated platform. social media.

“I’m not doing any of the weird things with the algorithm. We barely maintain the website. So come and check out your friend’s band from 20 years ago and let’s make America again at eight,” (a reference on the MySpace feature) he said.


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian the show was hosted by musical guest Halsey, who joined the stage by Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Others showing the cameo at night included Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner; comedian Chris Rock; wrestler turned actor John Cena; and NBA player Blake Griffin.

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