Schume Navarro Anti Mask Cherry Creek Candidate Injunction Update

Schumé Navarro has not yet been elected to the Cherry Creek School Board – not yet. But he won a significant victory on Oct. 7, when a judge issued a preliminary injunction regarding his lawsuit against the Cherry Creek School District, which he was banned from participating in candidate forums without a mask.

As a result, he participated without a mask in a forum on October 7. And at 10:40 pm yesterday, he wrote it on his Facebook page: “This is a great day. It was fun to participate. I wanted to have a good time. personal access around the clock, it’s really going to be amazing. Luckily tonight wins around. ”

Navarro, whose lawsuit was filed in late September by Lakewood’s Public Trust Institute, called for “medical independence in terms of vaccine / mask mandate” – and the complaint said he could not wear the cap for health reasons. She suffers from a “psychological illness that stems from severe incidents of child abuse that accompany the suffering,” it states. “This disability causes him panic and have great difficulty concentrating if his mouth or nose is covered.”

In addition, he said there is “a deformity of the nose that makes it difficult for Mrs. Navarro to breathe even without wearing a face. Importantly, only one of Mrs. Navarro’s nostrils works, and even the nostril has limited functionality. covering exacerbates breathing difficulties. ”

Navarro’s case was assigned to Judge Daniel D. Domenico of the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, and that was a big break for him. Domenico was appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump in 2017, so it’s no surprise that his fifteen -page order is the legal equivalent of a slam dunk for the plaintiff.

One section reads: “There is no doubt that the District and the public have a strong interest in minimizing the spread of COVID-19. But the potential risk of transmission from an unmasked attendee sitting in a stage with a large social distance from members of the public, students and other candidates seems small.In this stage of the pandemic, many businesses now allow customers to handle internal settings without without a mask.On the other hand, Ms. Navarro has a keen interest in allowing the full and equal participation of these forums along with the other candidates on the school board.What’s more, the District and the the public also has an interest in the equal participation of school board candidates on the eve of an election. The Court found the balance of damages weighed in Ms. Navarro’s favor. ”

According to the Cherry Creek School District website, last night’s forum was the last on the schedule. It is up to the voters to decide if they want to give Navarro a bigger platform on which to support his views; the election is Nov. 2.

Click to read Schumé Navarro preliminary order of command.


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