Reasons behind Southwest’s widespread delay unclear as hundreds of customers were left stranded

CHICAGO – Hundreds of Southwest Airlines customers have been left stranded due to massive cancellations across the country.

The airline said an air traffic management program put in place because of the weather caused significant delays, although some customers said employees had reportedly gone on strike.

“When I got on the line they rescheduled me again on a flight tonight at 9, but one was also canceled,” flyer Wendie Kaminski said.

Flight cancellations have caused confusion and confusion of passengers, noticing the lack of employees at the airport.

A statement from Southwest Airlines said the following:

“We experienced significant impact at Florida airports last night after an FAA imposed traffic management program due to the weather and resulted in a large number of cancellations. We are working behind the scenes to reduce the challenges and fully recover the operation as we take care of the evacuated Crew and Customers as quickly as possible. ”

Passengers said they were given very little information from the airline.

“It’s just two employees, they only have two people checking on you for luggage and tickets,” customer Kasena Jackson said.

Customers have heard that employees may stay away from work, contributing to delays.

“We also heard inside that Southwest had a walkout because of the COVID-19 vaccine order,” Kaminski said.

According to the Washington Post, the airline is asking all employees to be vaccinated against the virus, though they have until Dec. 8 to comply.

One passenger said he was told there were no flights to the Southwest showing off Midway International Airport Saturday or Sunday, indicating that cancellations could continue.

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