PETER HITCHENS: The BBC rotated our history to anoint decent people as stupid fascist dupes

The distortion of the past is gaining control. The truth is only available to a privileged little one with good memories or access to crumbling, forgotten archives. So you can say what you want.

Ang BBCSunday night’s new drama on Ridley Road is a perfect example of this. At first glance it looks like a harmless paddle previously, in the lost world of suspender belts and cars made in the British.

But it was carefully designed to give viewers the impression that Britain in 1962 was threatened by a major Nazi -style movement, led by a man called Colin Jordan.

It starts with the on-screen claim that ‘public support is rising across the country’ for Jordan’s neo-Nazis.

The drama then made a deliberate effort to suggest that people living in Britain at the time, disturbed by major changes in their lives, could easily fall prey to Nazi recruits from this movement.

Such people are described as quite vague and also say they want to take our country back ’, I think like a crude and ugly attempt to make fascist dupes sound like today’s Leave voters.

The BBC’s new Sunday night drama Ridley Road is a perfect example of this. At first glance it looks like a harmless paddle in the past, in the lost world of suspender belts and cars made in the British

As far as the makers of this series are concerned, if you are conservative you really are a Nazi.

There is a lot of other garbage in this program. But the exaggeration of Jordan’s importance is ridiculous. He was a pitiful nobody and a national figure of fun, not a potential Fuhrer.

Newspapers at the time called his outfit ‘Britain’s little jackboot-and-swastika Nazi party’. His greatest moment of fame, described but not properly explained in the program, was a pro-Hitler demonstration in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, July 1, 1962. It attracted almost no support, but thousands of counter-demonstrators .

The Times of July 2, 1962, reported: ‘Throughout the meeting of speakers, Mr. Dennis Pirie, deputy secretary, Mr. John Tyndall, national secretary and Mr. Colin Jordan, leader of the movement, continued shouted and stoned pennies, tomatoes and rotten eggs, by a very angry crowd of nearly 2,000.

‘Some people who raised their hands in a Nazi reverence look strangely nervous.’

The Daily Mail of the same date said: ‘The police have struggled to keep the angry majority, most of them Jews, away from the speakers. Hundreds of men and women shouted ‘Six million! Six millions! ‘, A reference to Jews who died under the Nazis.’

It is clear from the reports that Jordan had almost no supporters then or later. Eventually, one of his fellow Nazis was severely beaten, before the platform party fled in vans from the angry crowd. Jordan himself only walked away because a police phalanx was protecting him and blocked the entrance to the Underground as he escaped.

The High Court later ruled that Jordan had violated the Public Order Act in 1936, by using destructive behavior, which he no doubt had. At the time he was already in prison, making TV aerials, after being convicted of a reckless attempt to establish a private army. He also lost his job as a teacher in a modern secondary school.

He later embarked on a comic-opera wedding with his girlfriend Francoise Dior, niece of the great fashion designer. Francoise likes to wear a swastika pendant, even though she has difficulty with many London taxi drivers. One pulled it from his neck, and refused to ‘chauffeur a stinking Nazi’.

The couple held a ‘Nordic’ wedding at their unsuspecting party HQ, not far from where Grenfell Tower now stands. As a crowd outside threw bottles and eggs into the building, Jordan and his Nazi bride mixed dribbles of their blood in a surprising ceremony, while listening to a note of Horst Wessel’s song. This is not a happy or lasting togetherness.

Shortly afterwards Francoise scolded Jordan, saying: ‘I thought I was going to marry a leader and a hero but I found out I was marrying someone out of the middle of the class.’ You can see why. Jordan, a nondescript facing money, lived with his mother Bertha on a suburban road in Coventry.

Nazism did not rise again in 1962. Jordan was not a key figure. The people of Britain, ever since, have been sober, levelless and funny. The law found many ways to stop Jordan and people like him. The whole basis of drama on the BBC is rubbish. The open effort to associate normal patriotic conservatives with bigots and Nazis in the public mind is low and dirty.

They tell these lies because they can and they want to use drama for propaganda. If the BBC doesn’t stop doing it with public money, they don’t deserve to live.

Only you can stop the threat of e-scooters

It is now clear that the Government is trying to soften its own law against e-scooters. Why? These motor toys are inherently unsafe for their riders and the public and have proven to be a threat wherever they are made legal.

It is now clear that the Government is trying to soften its own law against e-scooters.  Why?

It is now clear that the Government is trying to soften its own law against e-scooters. Why?

Even here, where they are still rare, deaths and the number of injured children continue to rise. They are not green, as their batteries are charged from power stations and they are often delivered to retrieval stations in diesel vans. They do not reduce car use.

No driver would give up a car, protected against impact and weather, to ride on a tray of tin cans on tap, bouncing in thousands on tiny wheels.

But many young people stop walking and cycling to use them, thus damaging their health.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps has licensed dozens of supposed experiments in which rental companies are allowed to rent these machines, even if their use on public highways is illegal.

This is because they do not meet the minimum safety standards typically applied to motor vehicles. Many stores, in my view somewhat embarrassing, sell them when they should know that their customers will board them illegally.

Who manages the analysis of these experiments? What tests do they use? Their main effect is to weaken the law and weaken the public for general legalization. Only mass protest can prevent what will be a catastrophe. Write to your MP now, while there is still time.

Fooled by grinning wolves

I was shocked when I saw myself making a cameo appearance in the latest TV attempt to describe the rise of New Labor.

For some reason, the program (thrillingly called Blair And Brown) used a still photo of me, sitting in a room with the creature Blair and his mental valet, Alastair Campbell, during the 1997 Election .Blair and Campbell grinned like wolves.

It’s because they just cheated on me, something I’m still ashamed of. I was standing in the doorway of the building they were talking about. They were so scared that I might ask a difficult question that they wouldn’t come up.

They are tormented by the memory of a clash I had with Neil Kinnock a few years before, which had ended badly for Labor.

Later, they sent a smiling emissary to see me. Do I want an interview with the Great Leader? I can’t deny it but, like a fool, failed to make any conditions. So I went in and they asked brusquely: ‘What do you want to ask, then?’

As I started, they laughed at the question (about schools) and they started to leave the room.

It’s a compliment of sorts but I still wish I could stay on the gates of Birmingham. Who knows what might have happened?

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