GOP Election Supporters Headed for ‘Trash Bin of History’: Editorial

A Louis Post-Dispatch criticized by the editorial Republicans to embrace the former President Donald Trumpunproven claims of election fraud, threatening that they could join him in the “trash of history.”

The Missouri paper’s editorial board has urged Republicans who continue to push Trump’s “toxic” claims of election fraud to consider how history will view both them and the former president.

After the President Joe BidenVictory in the 2020 presidential election, Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed without evidence that the election was rigged due to widespread voter fraud. They pushed audits into key swing states, and accused Trump of forcing officials to help push his claims.

The editorial board pointed to an interim report of Senate The Judiciary Committee released Thursday showing how Trump attempted to overthrow the Department of Justice in order to overthrow a legitimate election. “

“The Senate Judiciary Committee’s interim report shows how Trump’s Jan. 6 incitement of a mob to attack the Capitol was his most publicly visible attempt to overthrow an election that was clearly defeated, “the editorial read. “In recent days, Trump has been maneuvering behind the scenes, trying to arm his Department of Justice to prove his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud.”

Among the report’s findings, Trump seems to have “repeatedly” asked Department of Justice leadership to endorse his claims that the election was rigged and to “assist his efforts to overturn the election results.”

It also found out that Trump allegedly forced resignation of an attorney in the United States who he believes is insufficient to investigate unsubstantiated fraud claims in Georgia, outside the line of succession to appoint an attorney who he or she thinks will “work” about the claims ; and allies with links to the “Stop Stealing” movement participated in the pressure campaign against the DOJ.

The editorial praises Trump administration officials for “bravely avoiding the attempted coup by threatening resignations if Trump executes his scheme,” but it offers a stern warning for ” fears “Republican lawmakers have” dismissed Trump’s excessive attempt to overthrow the election. “

“With each new revelation, Trump’s attempted coup against democracy further puts him in the trash of history,” the editorial read. “Those who still don’t understand may find themselves joining him there.”

Despite the lack of evidence, Trump continues to claim he has defeated many battlefield states because of fraud. On Saturday, he encouraged his supporters in Michigan to attend the upcoming rally demanded an audit of the results of the state presidency, which he lost by nearly three points. In a statement, he claimed that “voter fraud is beyond what anyone will believe.”

Trump also faced backlash after he allegedly called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and urged him to “find” 11,780 votes in the state. Raffensperger write a new book, Integrity matters, who he believes the former president intended to intimidate him with the call.

Newsweek reached the Republican National Committee for comment Saturday afternoon for an editorial response but was not heard back by the publication. This story will be updated with any response.

An editorial by St. The Louis Post-Dispatch has fallen on Republicans who have embraced former President Donald Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud. Above, Trump waved to the crowd at the end of the rally on September 25, 2021 in Perry, Georgia.
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