Fans strongly believe the star was inadvertently left to slip who left tonight in a massive mistake

Viewers watched intently as Dan Walker inadvertently left those leaving tonight.

In a widespread fallacy, the BBC presenter used the past tense to describe his Strict journey – hours after making a mistake on the live show.


Viewers feared that Dan Walker had been booted into the contestCredit: BBC
Dan is worried that he will bring down his dance partner Nadiya


Dan is worried that he will bring down his dance partner NadiyaCredit: BBC

He wrote on Twitter: “I just want to say‘ thank you ’for all the great comments yesterday.

“I was disappointed but I loved learning to dance with @NadiyaBychkova and – whatever happens – ACTUAL Dame Emma Thompson gave me one of her fachal spinach when I came down the stairs.”

One worried fan said: “Don’t say things like that !!!!!”

They then pointed out Dan’s mistake, adding: “Past that‘ dear ’????

“No spoilers for tonight but don’t scare us like that !!!! We’re loving watching you.”

Sunday night’s intense show was filmed on Saturday – straight after the live episode.

Celebrities should keep quiet about who has been axed from the competition until it can be aired on the BBC.

Last night viewers strongly accused Chief Justice Shirley Ballas of unfair “favoritism” towards Dan Walker.

The BBC presenter made a mistake on the dance floor – but still awarded to seven from the chief judge.

It was the same mark he gave Judi Love at Sara Davies to dance in front of him.

Angered that he was given a high score despite mistakes, one fan said: “Shirley definitely fancies dan why he favors it more. “

Another added: “Shirley has lost respect, she’s a BBC woman, Dan Walker | is not worth a 7. “

Giving her a comment on Dan’s painful dance, Shirley said: “First of all I’m not really disappointed in you, Dan.

“People make mistakes.”

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He added: “We’re only three weeks away, don’t be hard on yourself. I think you’re surprisingly good.

“Keep working on your feet, like everyone else, but you have the possibility of a good vertical line, very well.”

Speaking to host Claudia Winkleman after his marks, Dan admitted that he was satisfied with himself.

But putting a positive spin on what happened, Dan said: “The whole point of this program is that people who can’t dance, are learning how to dance.

“Part of the process of learning how to dance is you make mistakes.

“I know millions of people are watching and I feel like I neglected Nadiya.

“I love this show because people make mistakes and then get better. Hopefully I get another chance.”

Shirley Ballas stood up for Dan Walker


Shirley Ballas stood up for Dan Walker
Dan Walker made a big mistake in his dance


Dan Walker made a big mistake in his dance
Shirley Ballas highly praises Dan Walker despite catalog of mistakes on the dance floor

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