Chris Packham Shares Defiant Message After Arson Attack On His Home

Springwatch host Chris Packham revealed that he was the victim of an arson attack the first week.

In a six-minute video posted on his Twitter page, Chris explained that in the early hours of Friday morning, “two hooded and hooded men” drove the vehicle up to his doors and it burned, causing “extensive damage”.

“They were fully aware of the CCTV that was in place, they took too much pain to hide themselves,” he told his followers.

“The car exploded and quickly and efficiently dealing with Hampshire Fire And Rescue, and the police attended. And, as always, they did an amazing job, but not before it caused extensive damage to my rescue. property. “

Chris said he thought he could be targeted because of his views as an environmentalist, which he previously had dead animals were left outside his home and received threats because of his campaigning.

“All I can say is whoever you are, you burned down the wrong doors,” he said.

“If you think that by burning those gates, I will suddenly become a supporter of unsustainable illegal hunting, the unsafe savage made of foxes in our countryside when they are torn by dogs, then you are wrong.

“Of course, I’ll just keep going because I have no choice.”

“I won’t and won’t let you intimidate me from my intent, and that’s why I don’t really understand why you’d do it,” the 60 -year -old presenter added.

He also shared photos of the fire, as well as the damage done to his gate.

Prior to the arson attack, Chris had participated in a demonstration at Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

He and nearly 100 children demonstrated outside the palace gates, as part of a protest calling on the Royal Family to reclaim their lands.

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