C-SPAN Promotes Trump Iowa Rally as ‘Campaign 2024,’ Despite Lack of Formal Announcement

As thousands of supporters of the former President Donald Trump fills the Iowa State Fairgrounds Saturday for its first rally since the 2020 election, C-SPAN faced criticism for carrying the scope of the event and for its launch as the “2024 campaign.”

Online, many questioned and criticized C-SPAN’s scheduled coverage of Trump’s rally in Des Moines, Iowa, which the network promoted as the “2024 campaign,” despite no formal announcement of a campaign during the re -election in 2024.

“Please explain why it got live coverage @cspan?, “activist Barbara Melmet asked.” Campaign 2024 is NOT an excuse to give air to someone who is actively trying to overthrow the government. “

Trump has not yet announced an official run for president in 2024. Over the past few months, he has repeatedly urged that he will not launch a bid anytime soon due to “campaign financing” regulations. .

An official announcement would prompt election laws that would regulate how he or she can spend and raise money, and impose an obligation to file an annual financial disclosure containing details about his or her personal and financial affairs. .

Eight months into Trump’s presidency and he remained in the news, it denounced the tradition of former presidents moving away from the political stage following the inauguration of the successor.

Since the election, major news organizations have tightened their coverage about Trump, from how much attention he should receive to the choice of words used to describe his constant barrage of baseless voter fraud claims.

Critics say lending Trump a platform would help spread propaganda that voter fraud cost him the election, further fueling public confidence in the integrity of the election process. Others argue that news outlets that will try to push Trump run the risk of harassing his voters.

Trump has promised that he will return to politics since leaving the White House and will remain arguably the most popular figure of the Republican Party. He has held numerous campaign -style rallies – including in Florida and Ohio – in recent months, with a focus on promoting the 2022 congressional candidates running on his “America First” agenda.

“I might as well decide to beat them a third time,” he told the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Most Republican voters support him re -seeking the White House, according to polls. In a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, released in September, 58 percent of Republican voters said they would vote to get Trump back on the ballot in the next election.

Newsweek reached C-SPAN for comment but was not heard back in time for publication.

Former US President Donald Trump spoke at a rally on September 25, 2021 in Perry, Georgia.
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

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