Brexit: Government publishes Operation Yellowhammer documents – live news | Politics

The Yellowhammer document confirms what retailers have been saying for the past three years: the availability of fresh food will decrease, consumer choice will decrease, and prices will rise. This is not good for the British public, nor is it good for British retailers.

A no-deal Brexit in November represents the worst possible time for the retail industry and the consumers it serves.

Storage availability will be limited as retailers prepare for Black Friday and Christmas, many fresh fruits and vegetables will be out of season in the UK and imports will be hampered by the disruption across the Channel Strait that it could reduce flow by up to 60% for up to three months.

While retailers are doing their best to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, it is impossible to fully mitigate the negative impact it would have, something the government itself has acknowledged.

The fact is that a damaging, no-deal Brexit is in nobody’s best interest and it is vital that a solution is found, and quickly, that ensures frictionless and tariff-free trade with the EU after we leave. “


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